Thursday Romanticism: Miss You Much

New Year's Eve Ballroom Dance Competition 2011 at Hotel Bragjamustika Bogor, West Java

 You are what you dance. So keep on dancing!

Ah, I wish I could. *burst into tears*. Yes, I've been leaving dancing for about 6 months now. And I'm craving for it much lately. The reason why I left it is simply because I have a job. Having a job to be done that takes much time everyday. To know that I don't have enough time to dance anymore is sad.

Some say that I have to manage my time carefully and spare a bit so I can still have left to do dancing. Some say that it's okay because you can not be there (on dancing) all your life. Another say that I have to find out my another like to do beside dancing. But, deep down inside, I just can't leave the thing I like the most for like 4 years. I just can't give up dancing to the job I have right now. I just can't find another things I like to do most. I just can't live without dancing. I just.............CAN'T!

In dancing, I got almost everything. I surrounded by people who seriously funny. I learned Latin and Standard Dancing. I just had to hear and feel the rhythm. I found serenity. I sweated like a pig. I felt freedom. I could express myself in many ways. I did routine till drop. I... So much I could do and felt when dancing.

But now, I feel lost. I feel empty. I feel something's missing. I feel terrible. I feel dishonest to myself. I miss chattering with the people. I miss teaching routines to new members. I miss doing couple dancing. I miss Jive. I miss Salsa. I miss Quicksteps. I miss Tango. I miss all things I can do when I'm dancing.

A friend say, "If it is still in your heart, it is worth the fight. Even if you lose...". Oh, well. I think I've got to do what I've got to do. Am I right?

Homecoming Day 2010

Valentine's Day 2011 at Botani Square

"Silly Pose" at Nelayan Seafood Resto Ancol

"Together Is Matter"


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