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We Say Goodbye, But We'll Meet Again

It has been 13 years since I knew her for the first time in high school. I never knew before that we would go along pretty well until now. Because I thought I was quite different from my friends who live as Jakartans. You know, I was just a Tangsel girl who tried her luck in academics in Jakarta by renting a room next to the school building. Ha!

Our friendship comes and goes. There were times when we did not have time to communicate for weeks, but when we had, we talked like nothing happened. We just focused on too many stories to catch up without thinking how much time we had wasted for not communicating. Because we knew, we would be there when either one had problems.

Although we have different kind of personality, point of view, and family background, not to mention that we know lilttle about own preferences (yeah, we scored low on 'how do you know your bestfriend quiz'), we managed to stay with each other without any particular reasons (aww...). We have traveled to some so…

Morning Greeting.

Good morning thoughtful hearts, functional minds, favorable souls, you.

Morning Greeting.

Good morning frightful snorers, dignified sleep-walkers, natural-looking sleepers, you.

Currently Watching [KDrama - Lawless Lawyer, What's Wrong With You Secretary Kim?, The Undateables, Are You Human Too?]

Sooo... since it's holiday season, I have been catching up with all possible kdramas. So much that sometimes I get mixed up between characters and lost among stories. But, watching them is surely good for my heart. Here goes the lists:

1. Lawless Lawyer

Who's not in love with Lee Joon-gi? That would be everyone's reason behind watching all his kdramas. But, no. I haven't watched any his drama before. Not even Criminal Minds, nor Scarlet Heart Ryeo, never Scholar Who Walks The Night. However, I'm drawn to this action-packed legal drama about mobster and corruption in the legal system. Tried to watch the first two episodes and I'm hooked. I.COULD.NOT.STOP. If only they air it everyday, I guarantee I won't be far from my laptop and wifi, just to make sure that I catch each episodes fresh.

2. What's Wrong With You Secretary Kim?

Who's not up for Park Seo joon drama, eh? I guess everyone's on board the first time they find out Park Seo joon will be on …

Morning Greeting.

Good morning traveling hearts, temporary feelings, enjoyable memories, you.

Camping SE 2018

May will always be a month full of events at school. Besides CDL, we hold an off-campus excursion called Camping for special needs students. Camping is one of our program for the kids to experience, explore, and develop their Gross Motor Skills, General Knowledge, Independent Skills, Leisure and Recreational Skills. This year, we got a chance to build tents (not us, but the event organizer) in Sekar Gemati Agroventure Campsite, Sukabumi.

We came across Sekar Gemati when we were searching for campsite around Sukabumi. We had several options to choose and survey, which one would be the best place for all special needs students, range from primary level to high schooler. Surveying some places, we decided to go to Sekar Gemati Agroventure Campsite this year, because it offered activities we could choose and of course because they served mattress inside the tents. That was the winning point as the kids would find it comfortable.

The kids always get super excited when it comes to Camping. …

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Good morning eerie hallucinations, hideous dreams, ghastly nightmares, you.

[Day 3] Celebrate Diverse Learner 2018: Social Awareness Towards Differently Abled People

So the events for students were actually done. In the third day, we pretty much had more fun in terms of events. We held a bazaar for our school community. A bazaar for everyone from differently abled people. Approximately 10 stalls stood; Bubble Cafe, Infinita Scarf, Rumah Kampus, Precious One, Palletable, Able Art, TEC HS Business Project, LC Bazaar, Studio Ilustrasi, and Yoga Burrito.

We couldn't be happier knowing the great enthusiasms shown by visitors. They appreciated all the goods sold in the bazaar. No wonder some of the stalls were closing fast, especially food stalls. It was heartwarming to see our students mingled with the kids from the bazaar during recess. They played basketball together. The kids looked extremely happy to spend time together without even thinking about race, religion, and disability.

At the end, after all bazaar ended, we (special education teachers) gathered together to take pictures. It was always satisfying to have great team work, to back up eac…

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Good morning ringing alarms, noisy reminders, clamorous remembrances, you.

Morning Greeting.

Good morning familiar strangers, extraordinary haters, quirky lovers, you.

[Day 2] Celebrate Diverse Learner 2018: Social Awareness Towards Differently Abled People

Second day of CDL was dedicated for Middle and High Schooler. To give big impact, we made a Whispering Cinema (Bioskop Bisik) for them. We invited blind students from SLB A Pembina to join us and partnered them up with our MSHS students. Our MSHS students became the whisperer during watching movie.

Before the event, we had our doubt with our team when discussing what kind of event would suit bigger kids. But then we thought why did not make something that would give them opportunity to experience empathy and build their awareness towards differently abled people? So, we've come across Whispering Cinema found by Pak Ramya through instagram. Thankfully, Pak Ramya was able to collaborate with us as well as SLB A Pembina. After watching the movie, we asked them to write their impression about the event, pretty much their experiences meeting with blind friends in written and verbal. Unexpectedly, our students showed compassions and love towards blind students. Strangers became friends …