Oh-My-Goodness-Sports Day-Ever!

Yesterday, we were having Sports Day. Yep, it’s totally about sports. And it’s all day. Yayyer! There were so many competitions in which divided according to the kids age. The teams were based on their house department. There Nakula (Blue Shirt), Sadewa (Yellow Shirt), Bima (Red Shirt), and Arjuna (Green Shirt). I was, in coincidence, in Arjuna (Green Shirt) the same team with one of my special kid.

All special needs kids competed in Early Childhood’s area of skills. It had Ball Relay, Obstacle Race, Bean Bag Throw, and Egg and Spoon. The rules were as easy as it referred to small kids around 5-8 years old. In Ball Relay, they had to run to where the balls were spotted, took the ball, and ran back to their team. While they passed several race, such as walked on balance beam, did front roll, and ran through each hoop. To throw away the bean bag was the only rule in Bean Bag Throw. Last, holding a spoon with egg on it was the most difficult thing to handle while you’re walking through the path.

For oh-my-goodness I said much on the race, my special kid won several medals. And, it’s paid.

Ball Relay and Obstacle Race Medals


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