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Tomodachi Life

I think I've been enjoying my 'new' life in this new unit where I work with special needs teenager. (Well, I was working with little kids back then). Basically because I love working with kids. I love to embrace their young and free spirit, their pure intentions, and cute behaviors.

This picture is one of the proof that I love them (and will always). There is this 10 grader boy who is interested in anime and international teachers. When he was asked to write down his own schedule, he wrote it like this. When I asked him why he wrote my name using Mrs., he told me that because I'm international teacher. Wait, what? (insert giggle emoticon, here). Hahahaha...

I guess he misunderstood me when I try to greet him in several language such as Dutch, Japanese, Korean, and French as he is interested in international language as well. I confirm him that I'm truthfully Indonesian. I show him my dark skin and black hair color. Still, he does not want to change his opinion abou…