I'm Not A Supergirl

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." (Brian Tracy)
We all have a comfort zone where everything feels like safe and familiar.We tend to stay inside it. Stay in comfortable situation. Avoid something that doesn't fit our expectations. That's simply because we are afraid of falling. We are afraid of the unknown. We are scared to challenge ourselves to something beyond our mind or power.

As I heard my friend said, "try to leave your comfort zone". I am experiencing that matter, too. For I always usually get what I wish; entered university I wanted, graduated university in 3.5 years, had a job even before I graduated, won several Ballroom Dancing competitions. Those were good, actually. It's like life would never been this good. But, I felt something's missing. I lost the challenge. I lost the meaning of life itself. Because it became easy for me. It's not that I didn't feel grateful for what I already had and got. It's just that I slightly need a spark of life's challenge.

In order to challenge myself a little bit, I kissed my comfort zone a sweet goodbye by taking a chance to be a part of Speranza Annual Showcase this year: I'm Not A Super Girl. I've been joining this Dance Studio since July. Speranza Dance Studio is one the ballet school and dance in Pondok Gede. There are Ballet Class for Babies until Elementary Kids, Jazz Ballet Class for Adolescence and Adult, and Flexibility and Strengthening Class. I decided to try Jazz Ballet Class for Adult. I've never been into jazz nor ballet before. I thought I was never survived first time I participated in free trial jazz ballet class. It was much much much harder than Ballroom Dancing. Though, I liked it much. :)

After two-months getting ups and downs rehearsal, the principal said that there would be an annual showcase this year and she hoped that every member could be a part of it. I felt like it's another challenge for myself. To feel an overtime rehearsal, to do a new ballet routine, and to have a good body-shaped, for sure. ;) So, I threw myself in to this showcase.

The showcase itself was already held on December 11th. I was sooooooo happy that my family, my close-friends, my ballroom dancing mates, even my students were coming to see me perform. Of course, the showcase was awesome! The people who watched it said that it was a good performance. Hoooooorrrrraaayyy!

Can you guess what were we?


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