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Private Sessions

As you know already, I have side job in my spare time besides teaching at school. I.......teach in private. Pretty much the same you think? Well, actually it's not. I teach special needs kids at school while I teach regular teenage student in private.

There are a lot differences between them. My kids at school barely talk. They need prompts to talk. Not all of them respond to what the teachers say. So, it's the teachers who have to encourage them to talk more (or even to produce sounds). On the other hand, my regular teenage students talk more. I mean......A LOT. Sometimes I just don't know how to respond to their statements. :p

My story with regular teenage students revolves around the words the students say during my sessions. Most of them are (quite) funny (I think) while they think (they're not). They often talk about themselves, homework, and all tasks or projects they have to do every single day. They think too much about studying, about their scores, how they…

Hong Kong Disneyland: Happiness Overload

People won't believe that you've been to HK unless you visit its famous attraction: Hong Kong Disneyland. Yep. Disneyland was one of my biggest reason to step my feet on Hong Kong Island. I mean, who doesn't? Even of you've lived a quarter century of life, I think most of you still have the child part inside. And that part definitely wants to be treated equally sometimes, doesn't it? ;)

So, we visited HK Disneyland on our second day.We've booked our tickets online before so we didn't have to bring so much cash. Yes, we were that scared to be robbed in a foreign country. :p But the thing is because booking online was way cheaper than buying on the spot. Moreover, we got additional 10% discounts because of being Indonesian. Fufufu...

The excitement was on since the night before. We knew that we had to sleep early yet we could not. We just kept thinking about what would happen tomorrow. The next morning, we got up early and moved our ass off the apartment as s…

I Hear Your Voice

Just finished watching I Hear Your Voice, a Korean drama (yes again! think I will watch it as a regular if it has a great story) about court and justice. I decided to watch this basically because of the main lead actor, Lee Boo Young and Lee Jong Suk. I watched her latest drama God's Gift - 14 Days before and captivated by her acting. She's such a great actor. I saw Lee Jong Suk's acting for the first time as a high school boy in School 2013 and liked it so much.

What makes me interested to watch it was because of its intriguing back story and lovely leads. Lee Bo Young played a witty, stubborn, self-centered, proud, and often rude public lawyer, Jang Hye Sung. They were not a very likeable treats, weren't they? But, actually her character did have sense of justice, have sense of care and loyalty to those who matter to her. She's also easily embarrassed that she'd like the rest of the world to think. While Lee Jong Suk played earnest, kind, caring, smart, ver…

Hongkong: The Tourists Day 1

It feels like a dream the first time I stepped on Hong Kong International Airport. Sleepy eyes due to lack of sleep on board didn't backstop my excitement. Yeah, I had not had a proper sleep because I kept thinking whether it was real or not. OMG! I was really going to Hong Kong.

I was alone blending in airport's crowd. My friend came an hour later and we both could not keep our excitement. We screamed for the joy and happiness. :p Unfortunately, it did not last long. The moment we changed our number into HK number was the moment when we knew we did not start it well.

We prepared our journey well. Err.. not really. But we listed the things we wanted to see and we searched for the prices also. Especially for the HK sim card which was not that cheap. Actually, it was our mistake for not hearing what the shopkeeper said earlier about the price. We heard it HKD69. But, turned out the time we paid was actually HKD96. Haha...ha......ha...... *faded laughter*. Since we were already i…