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Dance Floor Soulmate

I started dancing when I was a kid. Thanks to my mom who put me in Traditional Dance Class in the neighborhood without my permission. I performed several times at that time.

Primary, Middle, and High School years I passed without knowing the latest infos about dancing. I threw my self up in Marching Band Community and Theater Club, instead. Quite enjoying those old good times though I didn't have very passionate heart in time of doing. I was acquainted with Ballroom Dancing when I was Freshman. A friend of mine introduced me to it. And next time I knew, I felt in love with it.
Last year in uni, I opened up myself to another possibility of dancing genre. Later I know, I found myself drowning in (what we call) Jazz Ballet slash Street Jazz. Most of people define Street Jazz with a various dances characterized by the use of improvisation and influenced by rhythms and ballet techniques which is developed over time. True that improvisations and basic ballet techniques are involved. But…

Hot & Cold Trip

When the dance part was over, I started the travel part. My friends and I were going to Dieng, Central Java. Why Dieng? Well, firstly because I found an extremely affordable (a.k.a cheapest) open trip from a friend of mine that made me directly registered myself. The other reason was because I wanted to know more about my country, Indonesia. So, yeah. There I went.

I knew almost nothing about Dieng. I was also mistaken the outfit to wear there. Haha.. You know that I was planning to bring shorts and all kinda summer clothes which were loose, light, and and used cotton materials? Until my brother asked me why I wasn't planning to bring thick jacket, gloves, socks, and knitted hat. Oh well, my bad for not doing a lil' research for a place I was going to go.

I didn't know before that this open trip was even bigger than I imagined. There were over 100 participants registered in this trip. I mean, I've never gone somewhere with a huge number of unknown participants unless j…

A Beautiful Week To remember

At the end of June, I signed up myself to follow Intensive Dance Course 2013 for one week. What made me signed up for this of course because the teachers were from So You Think You Can Dance Australia. I'm a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance, so I'll do anything (well, not really) to get to know them in person. Fortunately, I have a month off from work to join this. No body could dissuade me from this event. :)

A week before it was started, I told all my significant others that I'm scared. Could I follow their routine? What if they made such a difficult routine for advance dancers? And another what-if's continued swirling in my mind. Thanks to my closest ones for giving me such a positive encouragement to embrace all the movements they would give me.

The dance week started, and I couldn't be more happier. I enjoyed every second I spent in the studio. I embraced all the pain I got afterwards. I tried hard to follow every routines they gave me. I was addicted to…