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The Best A Man Can Get

What do you think the best a man can get? Living a super rich life which he owns luxurious houses, expensive cars, and a dream job everybody wants? Do you think it will be having a nice little family to take care of, working on his passion, and getting a cool hang-out friends whenever he needs? Or maybe just lying in bed, playing computer games, and occasionally doing a bit of work?

Well, those all may be the best things a man can get. But can he get all of those for granted? Pretty sure Michael Adams does. And because of doing so, he is about to lose it all.

Michael Adams, a man and also a father, is living a double life. He escapes from the reality of becoming a father of 2 kids (soon to be 3) and lives his life doing works his passionate about, as a music composer. His little family stays in a downtown while he shares room with his two friends in the city. He stays in the city while doing a freelance work for a music company. He goes back to his little family mostly on the weekend …

Dancing In The Rain With Cutting Project

At the beginning of the year, I had a fun time photo-shooting with my dearest friend, Woro Utami. She's the person behind Cutting Project, her own online clothing-line. I tried to find unusual angle for her petite figure that won't look so petite in front of camera. And here she was, wearing her own Cutting Project customized top, pants, and dress. Lovely, wasn't she? I do hope to continue our collaboration work for Cutting Project in the near future, because it's fun fun fun!

Currently Watching [KDrama - Cheese In The Trap]

I was not interested in webtoons until dramabeans talked about the production process of KDrama Cheese in The Trap. I then looked a bit to the webtoon to have a knowledge about the story. I was not really understand till the drama aired.

Turns out, I so much like the drama. I know the story in the drama adjust pretty much to let the audience understand more about the story. The casts are so good. Every character fit and deliver the role perfectly. I can see the anxious-yet-plucky vibe of Seol and a cold-unreadable of Jung (not to mention the light campus drama atmosphere that makes me want to go back to college again! *Should I?*). I found myself enjoying the ambiguity of the ulterior motive hidden in each characters. Now, how about everybody say cheeeeeeeeeese! ;)

Be Confidence With Cutting Project

One of this year resolution is to have a creative collaboration work with Cutting Project. Occasionally, I have been wearing Cutting Project outfit to everyday routine. I found Cutting Project material to be comfortable to wear for hanging out.

In every season they've released, they only made it in limited pieces. It's limited. So, not everyone can own neither can wear the same outfit. How amazing is that? Not to mention that the price is sooooo affordable. And if it's fit for you then it means only for you.

Since I have unusual body type, I like to request for something that I want with patterns and model which suitable for me. So it will be more exclusive and well-suited. Go check Cutting Project's social media to find out more about it.

Photos by Vicky Deindra Electra and Woro Utami

Green Canyon, When Nature Strikes Your Heart The Most!

To end 2015 start 2016, I'd like to share my journey to Green Canyon Pangandaran with my besties. We have an urge to share our time together somewhere nice and beautiful as we are always (like always) busy with our work that we did not have a time to even hang out regularly these days. We happened to bump into this (very) affordable travel partner that allow us to go to Green Canyon, Pangandaran during the weekend in October 2015.

We went late at night so we spent overnight on the bumpy road. The road was basically bumpy that my friend hardly slept yet I was still asleep and didn't care that much about the road. In the early morning, we stopped by a restaurant to fuel up our stomach as the travel coordinator said we would go directly to have our soul and mind wet in green canyon body rafting. Yippie!

I must say the body rafting was suuuuuuper fun! The water was so clear and bright. The combination of green sight together with the fresh air made the journey to the body rafting …

Currently Watching [KDrama - Imaginary Cat]

LOVE LOVE LOVE! My love for cats is something that I can't descriptively explain. Why do I love cat more than any other pet animals? I don't know either. And I could not be happier to know that KDrama has released Imaginary Cat, a drama installation based on an original webtoon which was quite popular about the lives of young man and the cat lives with, at the end of November last year. Eight episodes of cuteness overload with Yoo Seung Ho (OMO! YSH is back on screen. Yay!) make me wait and stay on screen weekly just to feel the happiness between the adorable two. I must say Bok Gil (the cat) did a great job posing and acting.

Now, happpy meowing!