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Currently Watching [KDrama - Beautiful Gong Shim]

I did not intend to watch this show before because I have several dramas I have already spotted on and waited for them to be released. While I was waiting and was getting bored (especially with all the works I have to meet the crazy deadlines), I tried the first episode with zero expectation.

The first episode got me hooked with the weirdest main characters. I did not know that Nam Gong Min has a charm to be good in a weirdest possible way of being male lead. Moreover, Minah has really drown into Gong Shim that I see her as a real Gong Shim. I have no record of Minah previous work in drama, but I really admire her character so so so much. She might have the ugly appearance outside, but she truly shines with her warm heart and sharp words.

Watching on-going kdrama is like a torture for an obligation to wait 6 days in a painful state wondering when will Saturday and Sunday come. Sigh.


Drown in tons of works.
Forced to meet tight deadlines.
Skipped dance clasess.
Down with sore throat, runny nose, and common cold.
I was even losing my voices for 3 days.

Dear self, please hang on tight for the next 2 craziest week. Then I'll let you off doing your favorite things: kdrama, dancing, and eating.

Pretty please.

Currently Watching [KDrama - Entertainer]

I bumped into this KDrama when I was searching for a light and sweet drama that does not really need my brain to think to much, as my life these days was full of thinking (blah!). On the first two episodes, I was trying to find the 'grip' of this show that I was missing. Yet, I still watched hope future episodes would get better. And they were getting better! I could see the plot ran smoothly, the characters started grow on me, and I enjoyed every bits of each scenes. Now, let's just hope it will gets better and better without any disappointment to the end. Let's!

!nspyro Moves

Also at the beginning of May, I had another chance to join Contemporary Workshop held by !nspyro Moves in Bandung. I had joined this workshop before and been attending ever since. I personally think that I need to gain more experience and knowledge by taking workshop from another dance creators, choreographers, and gurus to broaden my knowledge and let myself grow, as a dancer.

In this workshop, I took 3 beginner classes of Ryan Man (O School Singapore), Arudhra Krisnaswamy (The Royal Dance of Singapore), and Jessica Christina (Bandung). Besides taking the classes, I also watched 'MOVES', a dance performance by Ryan Man, Clarice Ng, Arudhra Krisnaswamy, Olivia Wiguna, and Hari Gulur. I was in awe seeing them on stage dancing their own piece with their own style.

Some dance colleagues I knew was asking why I took beginner classes instead of intermediate ones. It was because I felt the needs to learn from the basic because I was lack of basic ballet techniques. Hence, taking beg…

Laces Day With Cutting Project

At the beginning of this month, another collaboration was on with none other than the owner of Cutting Project itself, Woro Utami. She designed this chic Laces Blue Dress to be worn out for a casual tea party or  a formal event. Matches the dress with a brown chunky heels and up hair-do, and voila! You get that sweet look in an instant.

Dress: Cutting Project
MUA: Woro Utami
Photographer: Vicky Deindra Electra

Welcoming April, Not!

Shoot, it's May already and I'm here piling up all drafts to be posted but haven't got a chance to finish them. I'm sorry (not sorry) again, and over again.

When I thought April would be nicer for having a break from tons of work, I kept drowning into more works without even thinking that it passed by in a blink. When I thought April would be a great time to take a deep breath and refresh mind and body, I missed time to spend with my family. When I thought April would be awesome to catch up dance classes, I skipped several dance classes to attend more work.

And it's May already. A month in which I will be getting more work to be finished before the summer holiday starts. Sigh. At times like this, I wish I had more than 24 hours in a day. I wish I had the power to overcome sleepiness that attacked in the day. And I wish I had Doraemon with me that will always help me like he always did to Nobita.

Oh, I wish.