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Dream High

It was all because of my Korean student. Blame her for I like Korean Drama so much right now. Urgh, thanks anyway, kid! ;)

Well, just to spend all my time I had during holiday, I watched Dream High. Surprisingly, it wowed me because of its musical performance. I've never known any Korean drama who brought up musical theme before. So, I guess this was the first time for me watching Korean musical drama.

As a fan of musical thingy, I am always tempted to see musical performance: theater, dancing, or singing. But, don't get me wrong. I don't really like boy band nor girl band. I just like to see their dancing moves and costumes. Ha!

I enjoyed watching Dream High. It reminds me a lil' bit about my high school years when I did enjoy myself being in theater club, acting out some roles and my uni years when I did ballroom dancing even took part in an international competitions. Ah, those years when I was younger, free, and had so much energy. *feels like I'm old*

Kim Soo …

To Forgive


That Winter The Wind Blows

Should I tell you again about the plot? I think most of the people have known already about this Drama for everyone might say they shed tears while watching it. I actually didn't often shed tears while watching drama, but there were some parts where the scenes were so painful and I cried seeing how the characters delivered emotions. It was just so flawless yet beautiful at the same time. *srooooooot*

The cinematography was beyond imaginations. The scenic shots of nature made me held my breath every time it was being shown. It was like seeing a moving beautiful paintings.

I'm so amazed about Jo In Sung's capability in portraying Oh Soo, male lead character who played dark, meaningless life as a gambler. I can see that Jo In Sung became more mature and fucking hot after attending military service. Ha! While  Song Hye Kyo's capability was also unmistakeably great. She portrayed a heiress lonesome blind women who longed for her brother's care.

I like how the beginning…

Bonjour, 2014!

*crossing finger*

Flower Boys Next Door

Just finished watching Flower Boys Next Door, and I feel I'm loved and I'm able to love myself more. *fly to the moon* Let's just write it Boys Next Door and cut the flower. I prefer handsome boys to flower boys. Yearight.

Some of you might say, "What? Reviewing korean drama again? Seriously, you? Sounds not so you.. bla bla bla..." Well, besides my korean student's influence to me I'm still me. Maybe I just change. Maybe I'm now a fan of korean drama. A selective korean drama fan. I don't watch all korean drama, though. I just watch what I want to watch at the moment. My mood plays a big role in choosing what kind of drama I'm gonna watch. It's 2014, anyways. Why not seeing good korean drama?

I decided to watch Boys Next Door merely because of Park Shin Hye. I was mesmerized by her role in The Heirs. So, I wanted to know more the roles she had played before. And it went to Boys Next Door. The first time I read Boys Next Door's synopsi…