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Countdown To 2017

These past 3-months have become the busiest in terms of school-related work. Our students have grown this semester, mixed with additional teachers to help us. Adjusting the pace, educating sub-ordinates, researching new materials, and learning more academic skills have been on my list-to-do (err, besides watching kdrama weekly. ha!).

But hey, it's holiday now. And I'm enjoying the free-time at home; helping mom with household chores, fighting over the computer and internet connection with bro's, watching more korean drama and movies, aaand doing part-time job as private tutor. ;)

There were definitely heartbroken moments on my 2016 dictionary that left scar in my heart until now. Though, I'm learning how to let it go. Buuuut, there were also joyful moments and achievements unlocked moments as a part of my work and personal growth. And I couldn't be happier about it.

So, here I am waiting for 2017 to knock on my door and embrace me with more memories and experiences…