The Pink Starfish and The Squarepants

Seeing my special kids completing puzzle everyday makes me wanting to do the same. I mean, it's always me ask them to do it as always-thing-to-do-before-studying. Yeah, they always complete a puzzle as a start to enter the study atmosphere. When you hear the word 'puzzle', you will think it's something fun to do. Interesting to do. Something much attractive to kids, instead of 'study'. And that applies especially to the kids. After completing puzzle, they will allow themselves to study nicely. That's why I make it everyday routine for them.

Amazingly, every time they do puzzle, they do it with desire. Desire to complete it quickly. They find piece by piece and then put it into sequence, either from above or from below part of its puzzle. Once they finish, they say it quickly. They sit still and wait for my instruction what to do next.

And, here I am. After escorting my special kids to their caregiver, I sit down myself and start completing the puzzle that my special kids always do. I choose sponge bob puzzle to be completed. It takes no more 10 minutes to be completed. And I really enjoy that 10 minutes so much. :)


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