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In The Island of God, With The Dance Mates

I've never thought that traveling with my dance-floor mates would be this amazing. Special thanks to my dance guru who held her wedding reception in Bali. Because of her, we had a chance to take a break from the dancing routine and had a festive culinary sessions in the island of god: BALI!

To be funny, we arrived in Bali in several different time because we had our own work to handle before starting of our holiday. I arrived in the middle of the night when three of my friends had been enjoying beaches for the day. Thankfully, one of them was still awake so I did not have to knock the door so hard to wake her. Although it was super late, Ipenk and I still shared stories of how she had a pleasure time breathing fresh air and seeing blue seas and skies while I had a rough time managing my time to get to the airport in time. Nevertheless, we were so happy to be in the same island for that day.

In the morning I took a breakfast with Ismu while waiting Thre to arrive and for Woro and I…

Tis The Season! (Be Late, Not!)

I am sooooo upset for not being able to see my grandma this Christmas. :( I've made a broken promise to my grandma in her special day. I don't know why this year the traffic is so unbearable. Although I know she was upset too for not having a chance to see her families as she is living by herself in Bandung.

My family decided to go to Bandung when there is less traffic jam in the highway. We're going to beat the traffic next weekend long before the new year's eve. Wish us luck!

In the mean time, let me browse for some matching outfit to wear when I see my grandma. Here are some gorgeous blouse I've browsed and they are definitely on my list. Go check check! You might want to see the gorgeous blouses for your Christmas dinner new year's eve dinner with your families. Pssst, you may end up buying one or two. Have a nice holiday youu all!

Intensive Dance Course 2015: Superb!

One of the best moment of dancing this year besides Lost in The Jungle would be Intensive Dance Course 2015. It was when I had a chance to learn new thing especially contemporary dancing from international choreographers (not to mention I've gained many new friends with dancing as their background). This year, I grasped new routines from former Australian Dance Theater, Adam Blanch.

The challenging part for this year was that I was fasting while attending the sessions. It was so hard because I tend to sweat a lot. I was afraid that I would be dehydrated while dancing. Me and one of my friend would feel more tired and lost much of energy during the day because of fasting. Fortunately, my motivation was so much bigger than the challenges I've had. I've managed to overcome them and tried my best to dance till the end. After all, I was able to bring out the best I had in the mini performance.

In fact, I was so happy to know that if my mind said I could do it and I believed it,…

Lost in The Jungle

Finally, one of my resolution for this year has succeeded! It was to be more productive in dancing. Last week, I have done my biggest performance in 2015 with all Speranza Dance Studio member. All the hard work we've put for the past year and half paid off. The performance was a big success. A lot of people (especially friends and families) really really love the performance. They said the story was original, the dances were amazing, the songs were great.  They were so happy to see their loved ones being on stage with enchanting costumes.

I must say, Speranza has the most unified and solid team I've worked with. It's not that we had no flaws. We had, yet we managed to lessen them and work together on how to overcome the differences. And, I'm so grateful to be a part of this team.

Since I haven't got the better version, I'm sharing you with the minimum resolution here. Gonna post more when I've got the better one. Enjoy! (Oh, I put up some of behind the scen…

Currently Watching [KDrama - Sassy Go Go]

Didn't I tell you before that I'm into high school series. I'm gonna give it a try watching everything related to school, education, young spirited, and friendship. Because I'd like to be reminded how cheerful the high school moments were. I guess I just don't wanna miss the fun, young and free, and also all the problems that come along with attending high school.

So, here I am. Time travel to cherish my young and free moment.....through Sassy Go Go. :)