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On Sale

You know how big my love is for shoes? Big enough that I couldn't stop buying it until I broke myself. I know I have been such an impulsive shoes buyer for the past two years. You know, earning money yourself can harm your wallet in fact.

My love for shoes doesn't change. I love shoes, still. Even better now that I can think clearly what shoes should I buy according to what I need daily, weekly, monthly, even annually. I just can help myself seeing these babies just sit on my shoe rack. I know these babies would love to go for a stroll and seize the day with the new owner. :)

So, if you just wanna help me by being a new owner for these babies I'll be so happy. Contact me through twitter @misselectraa or email

To be considered:

All shoes here are saleAll shoes here are used once or twiceAll shoes here are in a good conditionAll shoes here are fixed price

1. Alice Black from UP Shoes
Size 42

2. Nina Denim from UP Shoes
Size 42

3. Aira Mult…

The Unspoken Love of Rectoverso

I know I'm super late for just watched Rectoverso: Cinta Yang Tak Terucap today. Well, being a special teacher makes my daily life even busier. So, when I found out the DVD in the store, I would not miss it for the second chance. :p

Since today is my first time being a free woman for the following month, I don't waste any free time I have by watching Rectoverso. Gosh, I've been waiting for this time. You know, siesta in the noon, watch all movies I missed, (of course) eat anything anytime, and yeah have less-liability to shower twice a day. *grimace*

This Indonesian Movie is actually based on the book by Dee, Rectoverso. It tells about five different stories which has similar theme, L O V E, with five different female movie-director from each stories. I must say that they have their own way in directing each stories which makes it quite interesting.

1. Firasat
Premonition. What can you tell me about premonition? For me, I haven't had such a premonition about something t…

Super-dee-Duper Song

As I finished meeting with the parents talking about how their kids have improved, I let my self drown in planning what to do during summer holiday. Actually, second week of holiday had been booked to attend Intensive Dance Course with Stephen Tanos and Sarah Boulter from So You Think You Can Dance Australia (I know, right?) and the rest of the weeks will be Ramadhan in which I couldn't let my self do anything that will cost my fasting. So, I'm open up to any meetings, heart-talkings, sight-seeings, or even just strolling around. :p

For me, June always be a merry, cheerful, vibrant month of all in a year. I've always had some unusual thoughts to be done if only my mom let me to do. Well, never mind. I won't let that thought (of not getting mom's permission) to ruin the meaning of having this month in my arms. I'll definitely find some things (fun) to do. On top of it, I'll let this month's cheerfulness works on my mind and soul the whole month just like…

Clay Statements!

To those who a fan of ceramics, I'm pretty sure you'll love coming to F. Widayanto Ceramics Gallery in Tanah Baru, Beji-Depok, Indonesia. F. Widayanto is one of a successful ceramics craftsman from Indonesia. Apparently, my special kids and I were having excursion there to experience clay-making. So, I'm gonna reveal things we were doing there. ;)

The first time I stepped on his place, I smelled a fresh of green grass and saw a calming wooden house. You can feel you are somewhere in a village. Refreshing and calming at the same time. I followed the rock path and ended up seeing a semi-indoor waiting room where there were several traditional bamboo-made chair surrounds the table. You could also see many signs written in Bahasa telling us to keep everything as clean as possible. Guess this house could be awarded the cleanest and the most luxuriant place in my mind. :P

We walked up to the clay-making studio and start hearing the explanations. They said it was quite easy to ma…