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Lombok in Between

I know I should've written something on my report, but I just couldn't help my self to not write all Lombok experiences. So, please don't let my boss read this, no? :p

During my holiday in Lombok (which divided into three parts, A Day in Jeeva Klui, We Love Gili Trawangan, and Exploring South Lombok with Novotel), guess I miss the parts what we did in between.

Leaving Jeeva Klui, we headed north-west to Bangsal Harbour. On our way there, we stopped by Malimbu Top, took several pictires, and continued our journey. The taxi driver was quite a helper for taking pictures of us. He happened to tell a story about someone who hit a pet cow or pet sheep and had to pay big amount of cash as a retribution for the pet he hit. The amount of cash was bigger than the cash he need to repair his motorbike. We couldn't stop giggling. Lombok is surely hard for the amateur motorcyclist. So, be careful to not hit somebody's pet. :)

On the way back from Gili Trawangan, we rented a priv…

Exploring South Lombok With Novotel


Celebrating Autism Awareness 2013

Following the success of Autism Awareness Week last two years, Special Education Department in my school held several events to commemorate "World Autism Awareness Day" last April.
There were Film Screening, Art & Self Portrait Exhibition, Autism Booklet, and Special Education Stories Book. The Film Screening and The Exhibition had been conducted from 3-9 April. While the Special Education Stories book is still in the process of making.

Theaim of this activities was not only to raise awareness among teachers and students regarding the existence of the students or friends with special needs who have many different specific abilities and challenges (Pratesianingrum, 2013), but also to have individual with special needs to be involved and to participate in promoting themselves to the community, by displaying their artworks and stories as well as self portraits. Moreover, through this activity, we are opening ourselves to anyone so they would have a better understanding about…

We Love Gili Trawangan!

Our journey in Lombok continued to Gili Trawangan. After we tasted heaven a bit, we didn't want to miss another heaven earth would show to us through Gili Trawangan. Do you happen to hear or know about Gili? Gili means a little island in the middle of the sea. And Lombok has three well-known Gili, which are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Gili Trawangan is one of the biggest of all three.

 Brunch time, we headed north-west to Bangsal Harbour. In Bangsal Harbour, we could cross the sea by using traditional boat own by local people. It was so cheap that you paid no more than IDR 10k for one way. I could say that it's quite safety as it had life vest. The wind and the tides weren't that strong to bowl over the boat. Yet I didn't guarantee at all. :p

What kept me awake on the boat while my other two friends were sleeping not so beautifully was the surroundings. I could see that there were so many locals depended on this boat as their only one transportation everyd…