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A Day In Jeeva Klui

At the end of last March, I got a week off. I didn't know before where to go until I found the cheapest ticket of best service on-board quality, Garuda Indonesia. I had only to pay IDR 753k (return) to visit Lombok. I know, right? ;)

My travel mates and I have been discussing about where we should stay on the first night we arrive in Lombok. We did a little research yet we came to no agreements. None of the places we found matched our expectations. Either the locations were too far away or the rates were so high I could break my wallet.
When Siske (one of my travel mate) said to give Jeeva Klui a try, I had no idea what and where that was. I searched to find out about Jeeva Klui. Wow-wee! What a surprise for me to see the photos of Jeeva Klui on the web. I could see that there was such a traditional look of Lombok architecture with wildly green view.
Siske has been working in a hotel for years so she knows the difference between good and best hotel. Jeeva Klui is amongst the best, …