We Say Goodbye, But We'll Meet Again

It has been 13 years since I knew her for the first time in high school. I never knew before that we would go along pretty well until now. Because I thought I was quite different from my friends who live as Jakartans. You know, I was just a Tangsel girl who tried her luck in academics in Jakarta by renting a room next to the school building. Ha!

Our friendship comes and goes. There were times when we did not have time to communicate for weeks, but when we had, we talked like nothing happened. We just focused on too many stories to catch up without thinking how much time we had wasted for not communicating. Because we knew, we would be there when either one had problems.

Although we have different kind of personality, point of view, and family background, not to mention that we know lilttle about own preferences (yeah, we scored low on 'how do you know your bestfriend quiz'), we managed to stay with each other without any particular reasons (aww...). We have traveled to some so…

Morning Greeting.

Good morning thoughtful hearts, functional minds, favorable souls, you.