Currently Watching [KDrama - Lawless Lawyer, What's Wrong With You Secretary Kim?, The Undateables, Are You Human Too?]

Sooo... since it's holiday season, I have been catching up with all possible kdramas. So much that sometimes I get mixed up between characters and lost among stories. But, watching them is surely good for my heart. Here goes the lists:

1. Lawless Lawyer

Who's not in love with Lee Joon-gi? That would be everyone's reason behind watching all his kdramas. But, no. I haven't watched any his drama before. Not even Criminal Minds, nor Scarlet Heart Ryeo, never Scholar Who Walks The Night. However, I'm drawn to this action-packed legal drama about mobster and corruption in the legal system. Tried to watch the first two episodes and I'm hooked. I.COULD.NOT.STOP. If only they air it everyday, I guarantee I won't be far from my laptop and wifi, just to make sure that I catch each episodes fresh.

2. What's Wrong With You Secretary Kim?

Who's not up for Park Seo joon drama, eh? I guess everyone's on board the first time they find out Park Seo joon will be on …