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Happy (belated) Birthdayy, Me!

Soooo... have your read my journeys in Hong Kong (Day 1, Day 2, Day3)? It's been so long I know, but the story of it doesn't end yet. After having such an emotional state of up and down during the day, we spent the rest of the day by................eating good food.

We visited Avenue of The Stars for the last time. I managed to eat shredded shrimp sold in the Avenue of The Stars area. It cost me HKD30 and I was so fine with it while my friends told me it was to expensive for just a shredded shrimp that tasted so so. Well, what could I said since I was happy at that time just by eating it by the river under the bright sky?

Since we had saved more by eating McD during the first day to keep or budgeting on track, we had the right to eat great local food for dinner. We chose to check in to Dim Dim Sum Specialty store which is located right in front of our Airbnb apartment in Jordan. How could we didn't know that the good food we've been searching for 3 days lied ahead in f…


These past few weeks I have wished some wishes.
I wished my wishes came true.
I really wanted them to be real.

When they are coming true,
I wish I never wish those wishes before.
Because they come true in the worst way possible.

Now I get it why people always says to be careful of what you wish for.
They may come true in any way they want unless you say it specifically.
And they may come true the way you want...with your determination.

"I want to be healthy everyday. Please remind me to eat nutritious food and drink 2 L water everyday"
"I want to be slimmer. I want to lose my appetite. That's why I have to control my lust of food without being sick"
"I want to be able to travel the world. Please remind me to save regularly. Please remind me to spend my money wisely according to my lifestyle"

I hope in the near future, my wishes will do come true the way I want them to be.

Hongkong Day 3: Life Balance

My baaaaaad for keeping this post from coming out for so long. Mind my busy schedule and procrastination side of me. :p

So, after having overload happiness in Disneyland the day before, we continued our journey on the third day. Our destination was Victoria The Peak. It was like one for all destination. We can visit Madame Tussaud, The Peak Market, The Peak Mall, and of course the best part was The Peak rooftop!

We came out from our Airbnb apartment in Jordan early so we're able to catch up all the places we would like to see on that day. We took the MTR as usual to Central Station, Exit J2. Then walked to Star Ferry Pier to catch Bus 15C which would deliver us to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus on Garden Road.

We had arrived in Star Ferry Pier at 9.15 am. While the bus 15C started to operate at 10 am. The time we knew that information made us down. For your information, we've booked our Madame Tussauds tickets online and we get 50% disc because we confirmed to enter before 11 a…