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Night Sky

Last weekend I was meeting my high school friends after attending a wedding reception. It's been several months since the last time we met. Spending more than 3 years together has brought us together as a family.

We decided to release our stress level by having karaoke session and dinner together at Plaza Semanggi Sky Dining, Jakarta. We really enjoyed our togetherness accompanied by the greatest night sky above. We dined, chit-chatted, laughed, and shared our work life story. Sharing work life experiences has broaden our knowledge about it. What made our sharing session colorful was different kind of job we have now.

What made even more colorful was that we had our own problem related to the job we have now. Talking to them had made me realize that we had to share our problem even if its only a small stuff. Sharing problems with your beloved ones would really helped you find solutions from different point of views. You know when you kept it by yourself, you found yourself stuck i…

The Raid

This afternoon I watched The Raid with my big brother at Teras Kota. I can't stop thinking about how crazily amazing the movie was (just to know that it was starring by Indonesian actor yet it didn't like one).
When my brother asked me to watch this movie I said okay just because it's been a long time since we had a quality time together. He said that it was a good movie to watch. There we went, to see The Raid.  
Since it was Indonesian movie that I was going to see, I left my expectation in my house. I expected nothing. Yeah, I kinda had a low expectation when it came to Indonesian movie. I guess you all were with me, no? So, I humbled myself just to see the flatness of the story, the ordinary settings, and the usual camera-angle. Yeeeeeeeeeet, it was SOOOOOO BREATHTAKING!! I couldn't stop my hand from covering my mouth. I couldn't stop my mouth from saying OH MY GOODNESS in an audible voice.
I must say that Gareth Evans, the director of The Raid, is a b…

My Cup Of Coffee

Emerging adulthood is never easy. Emerge in this phase of developmental life means having issues with responsibilities, time management, emotional attachments, family matters, romantic relationship, and future plans. As I'm facing this phase of life, I'm facing with some of those issues.

As I am turning 23 at the end of this month, I find myself a lil bit tired, dizzy, and unhealthy. Tired of having so much work to be done and responsibilities to handle each day. Dizzy of facing this 'wishy-washy' weather that makes my body catches common cold easier. Unhealthy of lacking to have 8-hours sleep, lacking to have breakfast, lunch, dinner quite often, and lacking to have 'me-time' even just for a bit reading at the end of the day.

What I am facing recently is so fast and complicated. As fast as the moving electrons you found in thermal energy. This is happening at the office. I handle special needs children while at the same time I have to deal with people in arran…

A Glance

For God Sake, it's already in the middle of March! My first sentence tells how long I've been neglected --this supposed to be--my daily journal. I own you guys 4 Love Letters and another stories I've been through February and March. Err..

For God Sake, I'm so busy handling this and that! My first sentence on this paragraph tells how busy I am handling my work life and my dance life. While at the same time I have to handle my 'me-time' life, also. Bzz..

I miss having an 8 hours good of sleep, I miss having morning exercise time daily, I miss having a little time to read before sleep, I miss going to the cinema, I miss browsing for shoes, I miss having family time on the weekend. I miss this and that.