Short Quick Escape

Last Friday was the very last day at school. No more pencils, nor pens. No more books, nor white-board. No more IEPs, nor Reports to be done. So I rewarded myself with a little short quick escape to Flower Town. I went there as my long-time-no-see-friend, Ayasho, invited me to do so.

After finishing some works on that day, I booked the cheapest travel bus to go there at night. Yes, I like traveling at night. I can let my beauty self sleep because it’s too dark to see the view outside.
Late nite, my friend picked me up at Gampoeng Aceh. I didn’t know before that it was a name for Restaurant in Dago. There, she was not alone. She brought also her another two friends. They were known as Andra and Edo. First time meeting the boys, I knew this escape would be fun, since they were so funny. They were kind of people who cordially pleasant, companionable, yet foolish. I thought spending several days here would be relieving.

The next day, Ayash took me shopping to several popular cheap yet fashionable FOs. We headed to Grande, Jetset, and Episode. Since shopping needed so many calories, we headed to Wale at Rancakendal afterwards to pleasant our tummies. Wale (known as Warung Lela) was outdoor restaurant. There, you can see the beautiful view while eating. Their speciality were Mie Ayam, Mie Yamin and Bakso. I ordered Mie Yamin Special while Ayash ordered Mie Ayam Special. We ate in silence because we starved to death at that time.

Mie Yamin Special at Wale, Rancakendal
We decided to take some rest before going to another popular place in Bandung. We went back to Dago Pojok where Ayash stayed every day. We had chit-chat, watched hip hop video, and cleaned ourselves. Until Andra came and picked us up.
We headed to Paris Van Java to try the Richeese Factory. Yes, it's my first time to try the popular chicken wings with hot-level in it. Better late than never, eh? I took level 2. I thought it's safe because it's not too hot, yet not to plain. In fact, I got tummy-ache on the next morning. Blah!

Level 2 Chicken Wings + Salad Cheese at Richeese Factory
After that, they took me away to Lembang. Yes, on the very late nite. With coldest weather ever. Seemed like wearing 3 layers of clothes didn't help much. I still felt cold. I guessed welcome to Lembang was the appropriate word to describe the coldness I suffer. :P We just drove around Lembang. Passing by I Love You Cafe, Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, and awesome nite view. All just a sight-seeing from the car. We really enjoyed the togetherness inside. Until they turned right and entered Maja House. I could barely write about this house. This was my another first time. And I didn't do much the talks. So.... there we ended our journey.

Me and Ayash at Maja House

Well, it was 2 days 2 nights full of first time. Meeting new friends, getting new clothes, trying new foods, and having late nite chats. It was superb to start the holiday session. Still have days to spend. :)


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