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Goodbye 2017!

Umm, hello I guess?

I have been wondering of how I was going to make (another) excuse for abandoning this blog for months now. But, I could not come up with once. So, it's better not to make any and just start writing.

2017 goes by very quick. I started it by acting as a coordinator in my unit, spent a week in Singapore intended to take TRDO classes but ended up getting injured and missed most of classes. I learned the hard way that communication is essentials for any kind of relationships. I was insecured at my lowest point in the middle of the year, nad knew that health was at risk. I demotivated in dancing for so months and blaming my self for that. I was called by my superior and told that I was responsible for something I did according to the right SOP (what the..??). And last but not least, I learn how to let go.. and make peace with myself.

I would not say that 2017 was easy, nor hard. It's a year when my life goes on. It's a year in which I get to learn so many thi…