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Beautiful Nami (#KoreaTrip Day 6)

As dream is over when you wake up, my days in Korea was coming to an end. I still have 2 days left which means I still have 2 more stories to share to all of you. So, easy breezy my dear friends. These 2 days left still have memorable stories to be written. ;)

I spent the 6th day in Korea beautifully. If you fancy Korean Drama, then you must aware of Naminara or so called Nami Island. Yep, yep. I went to Nami Island with Alice and her mom. I really wanted to go to Nami long time before Alice invited me to just because I wanted to see and feel how it be to be in such a beautiful island.

We left early after stuffing our tummy with well-eaten breakfast. Seriously, Alice's mom never fails to make delicious Korean breakfast every morning. I wonder what time she wakes up to prepare all yummy food. When I wake up, it has already nicely served on the table. Yay!

Okay, back to Nami Island. Nami island is 63 km away from Seoul. It is famous for its beautiful lined-tree roads. When we hit th…

Adventure Girls in Lotte World (#KoreaTrip Day 5)

Gosh, it's the second month of 2015 and I still owe you stories of my last trip to Korea. Tsk.

So, the fifth day we were going to Lotte World. Another theme park Alice asked me to have a visit because she is such an adventure girl. She loves thrilling activities for sure. She had been telling me all about Lotte World years before she invited me to South Korea. It was definitely a place I shouldn't miss to visit, she said. So, there I went on my 5th day in Korea.

My body showed symptoms of being tired, yet my spirit covered it very well. We left a bit late today because we thought that we would had more time than Everland (and defnitely having more time to rest our body). We took bus from Alice's apartment. It's quite far so we managed to have a nap (yes, another resting our body) in the bus.

Once we arrived, I was in awe seeing such a big amusement park inside and outside a building. Alice snapped my wondering back into reality by taking me to The Conquistador, the Spa…


I'm a big big fan of Park Shin Hye. I've been seeing most of her drama and movies just to see her acting skills. She is truly an amazing young actress. She has worked her ass off in kdrama industries since she was teen. To see her acting skills shine and mature is what I want. And, she deserves it.

After watching The Heirs and I Hear Your Voice last year, I wonder if Park Shin Hye gets a role together with Lee Jong Suk in a drama. I wish to see both of them together in scenes. Actually, I have made wishes about Park Shin Hye acts together with several of hot famous Korean actors such Kim Soo Hyun, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, and Jo Sang Wook.

Nearly the end of last year, I was so excited to see that (one of ) my wishes came true. It was when I saw the trailer of Pinocchio at the end of My Lovely Girl episodes. I wonder what kind of role Park Shin Hye would take together with Lee Jong Suk.

Pinocchio answers my wish. PSH's acting is more mature. She delivers it very well. She pla…