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Little Heaven

Living just by yourself is not easy. It will never be. It's even harder when you start to live by your own in your teenage period. But, I've passed through this period triumphantly. *a proud woman*

I started to live by myself when I was 15. Exactly when I entered high school. At that time, I was accepted in the public school located in South Jakarta. The school was so far from my parent's house which was in Tangerang. My mom and I tried to go to school from home. We went at 5 am yet we arrived at 7.30 am using public transportation. I was like whaaaaaaaaatttt??? From that time, my mom decided to put me in a boarding house near school.

Hearing their decision shocked me. I thought they were kidding me. How could they be so mean to me? How could they put a-15-year-old-girl into a boarding house? Didn't they want their only daughter to be at home everyday? Was it because I was so rebel during my middle school years? Many questions popped up in my mind. Neither me nor my p…

Padma Hotel Bandung

Last weekend I went to Bandung with my friends. We stayed in Hotel Padma Bandung. Its located is in Ranca Bentang, Ciumbeluit. Thanks to my friend who got a nice deal voucher to stay in here. She let us to come and join her spending the night there. I was so happy!

I'm a kind of backpacker. I usually sleep in the hostels or cheap hotels. I don't mind with the uncomfortable bed and unfacilitated small room. So, when there was a chance to try the comfortable hotel with the elegant guestrooms, and a spectacular hill view, I certainly said YES!

I recommended you to stay for a night or two in Padma Hotel to feel a serene paradise under spectacular mountain view. The service they serve were magnificent. Although it's a bit pricey, but it's worth the price. :)

Photos taken from Safitri Kurniasari's album

Halloween Is Coming To School

From the title, I think you can guess what this post is about. Uh huh! It's about the Halloween Party we had at school two days ago. We did not do "a trick or treat". We did "a treat or be treated". Much more fun for the kids! :)