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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Before holiday strikes, our Special Education Department managed to hold a Christmas Event for the kids. The event was simple. We arranged potluck party along with the exchange gift. And it was for all the kids, unexceptionally. Our aim was to just make something that every child could attend no matter what. So every child could feel the happiness and togetherness.

We decorated our walls with Christmas decorations. Big Santa on the door, the funny reindeers on the cupboard, an angel and Christmas tree in the corner, and ginger cookies and candies on the wall. We also made the socks-a-like-goodie-bags for the kids. We were so happy making all these decorations and goodie-bags. The results were so good made us even happier.

Seeing happy faces on our kids faces was all we wanted to see before saying goodbye to let them have a nice Christmas and new year holiday.

Well, have a merry little Christmas to those who celebrate..

Elementary Memories

When I was a kid I always wonder how I would be like as an adult, what would I do as an adult, what would I wear as an adult?
Once I become an adult, I've never been able to look back and answers my question as I'm too busy spending my time being an adult. Running errands, working my ass off to pay the bills and traveling needs (and dancing needs), following fashion trends that seem always changing, thinking how long will I survive in this crazy hard world that is moving so fast I forget how to enjoy every second of it. Until an old friend invited me to join elementary group in Whatsapp and agreed to have a casual meeting...
That moment freezes my real life a bit.
I stop for a while to look back. Back when I was in elementary school year. I recalled the old memories. Memories of me being a child. Being a child that was never having a slightly thought about the world. Being a child that always seemed to enjoy playing with friends. Being a child that always expressed her emotion…

Everlaaa laa laa laand (#KoreaTrip Day 3)

Having enough time to blend with locals, I bought Everland ticket. It was Lee Ho Joung idea to visit all theme park in Korea. Everland was one of them. Everland was quite far from Lee Ho Joung apartment. So, her mom gave us a ride. We left early with the thinking of being able to play all the rides.

Gosh, the weather was colder that day. Maybe because Everland was located in the higher area so the wind was quite strong. I've already worn out my (new) long red knitted coat on top of stripes long sleeves but I still felt cold. Haha..weaklings. Yes, I'm totally a summer person. :p (aren't I very defensive, no?)
Well, I must say Everland was the largest theme park I've ever visited so far. Everland encompassed so much land. There were so many things to do. And Lee Ho Joung had me rides those crazy rides I've never been able to ride before. Gosh! Thankfully, the T express (largest and scariest roller coaster) was under construction. Phew. Still, she made me ride Rolling…

Blend with Locals (#KoreaTrip Day 1 & 2)

I can't believe myself the first time my feet stepped on Incheon International Airport on Saturday morning. I was really in South Korea, OMG! I was having a mixed feeling. I felt weird, different, joy, warm, alone, outcast-ed. Being alone in another country's international airport was not a big deal for me since I'm used to be alone in long flight with no one to talk to but in-flight attendant.

Lack of sleep did not keep my spirit down. In fact, I was in a full of energy seeing how huge Incheon was. I was in awe seeing Incheon. Everywhere your eyes gazed you would see modern metallic designs. Even when there were a lot of people in the morning, Incheon had still more spaces for me to dance here and there. (yeah, right!) Later I know, Incheon had won the awards of being the best airport in the world for four years in a row. Can't you imagine? Incheon still won the best airport in Asia-Pacific even beat down Singapore.

Okay, skip the jaw-dropping moment of me seeing Inch…