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Currently Watching [KDrama - Marriage Contract]

I always have a thing for a contract marriage theme. I do not know why, but this theme always gives me idea how people's heart can change upon time. Regardless the huge age gap for the lead, I found this story warm at heart. I think UEE's acting is improving a lot in here. The child actress can really act well that I have already fallen for her sincerity.

It's quite a problem for me that this is a weekend drama. I have to wait until Monday to be able to watch it. Gah! In the mean time, let's get back to Joong-ki oppa on the next channel. ;)

Let's Dance With Cutting Project

The collaboration is still on (fire). And now, I'm working with Cutting Project little dancer, Sisi. She is wearing Pleated Dress from Cutting Project which is soooo comfortable to wear on a daily basis. She looks cute dancing with the sun on top of a green grass under the blue sky.

You can mix this Pleated Dress either with your wedge-sneakers to get an active look, or with your cute flat shoes to get a feminine look. Either way, you are ready to rock summer!

[Not So] Welcoming March

Oh well. It's been a week almost 2 weeks since March started and I'm here drowning with all the projects I've been working on since last year.

I must say that I am exhausted attending meetings over meetings, re-checking every details, and making sure that everything's going to be alright in the end.

It is the first time for me working directly under Board supervision. It's quite a big project for me to handle for the past 5 years at school. So, I was kind of nervous. Also, juggling from teaching and meetings is not so easy to manage in 10 hours working time.

I am hoping it will run smooth and end well and everyone can take the benefit of the program and be happy in the end.