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Countdown To 2017

These past 3-months have become the busiest in terms of school-related work. Our students have grown this semester, mixed with additional teachers to help us. Adjusting the pace, educating sub-ordinates, researching new materials, and learning more academic skills have been on my list-to-do (err, besides watching kdrama weekly. ha!).

But hey, it's holiday now. And I'm enjoying the free-time at home; helping mom with household chores, fighting over the computer and internet connection with bro's, watching more korean drama and movies, aaand doing part-time job as private tutor. ;)

There were definitely heartbroken moments on my 2016 dictionary that left scar in my heart until now. Though, I'm learning how to let it go. Buuuut, there were also joyful moments and achievements unlocked moments as a part of my work and personal growth. And I couldn't be happier about it.

So, here I am waiting for 2017 to knock on my door and embrace me with more memories and experiences…

A Thank-you Note To Myself

Dear Self,

I know that these past 27 years were not easy years to handle, yet you're doing a great job.
I know that these past 27 years you have worked hard to reach your dreams. Some had been achieved. Some are in progress.
I know that these past 27 years you have consumed your time and energy doing what you love despite many hurdles to overcome.
I know that these past 27 years you have tried to list down all your wants and needs in the upcoming years, yet you realize at the end of the years only half of them checked.
I know that these past 27 years you have given chances to be a good daughter and sister, yet you still acted selfish most of the time; leaving you with regrets and despairs afterwards.

But dear self,

I know that you're trying..
I know that you're still working hard.

Despite all lemons that are thrown into you..

Because you know, although they taste bad, they are good for your body. In the long run. And you know you can always add some honey into your lemons.

Currently Watching [KDramas - Uncontrollably Fond, Bring It On Ghost, Wanted, Doctors]

I am sooooo happy knowing that this summer has a lot of interesting KDramas line up. I wonder what makes the writers and producers produce such a nice drama at the same time. Because now I need more than 24 hours a day to slip away from my daily routine to check up on them, everyday!

Anyway, here are some that I'm watching in the middle of my busy routine:

1. Uncontrollably Fond

Uri Woo Bin Oppa is baaaaack! Aaaaakkkk, I could not be happier seeing him on screen twice a week. Aaaaakkk! Okay. I know I'm too much screaming but seriously I have been waiting for him to be back in dramaland since The Heirs (2014). It has been 2 freaking years!

Despite the dramafan-war among recent kdrama (in which UF is one of them) and one of the more buzzed-about-projects since the beginning of the year, I'm in love with this show. UF has become one of my favourite not only because of its enganging and surprisingly moving plot but also because of one major factor: KIM WOO BIN. (I could watch e…