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The Heirs

I was a kind of person who like TV series with either full of actions or thoughtful narrations. Korean Drama was never included in my top 10 must-watch TV series before I die. Okay the part 'before I die' was just too much. I didn't know when was exactly I felt for Korean Drama. Sure all thanks goes to Alice (my Korean private student) who showed much of her interests about Korean Drama and my weak defense-self to resist it. HA!

Now, I'm gonna share one of my latest favorite korean drama, THE HEIRS. I think some of you might have heard about The Heirs. Cause every teenage girls and early adult women talk about it much, no?

I didn't have any strong intention at first to watch it. I was watching Master's Sun because of So Ji Sub. When it came to an end, there was a trailer of the following drama that would be aired right after Master's Sun. The trailer captivated my eyes. The time it ended, I told myself to watch it. I HAD TO! So, from October 9th until Decem…

To Becoming Cinderella

Regarding what I wrote on my twitter last week, I'm not enjoying my holiday by...............becoming Cinderella. By becoming Cinderella means literally doing all household chores and running errands for almost everyday. Guess, I'll be such a dutiful daughter during my stay at home. ;)

Since I was a kid, I'd never had a house-helper. Any kind of chores were done by my mom. My mom showed all her kids how to be able to be independent by washing dishes, sweeping floor, making bed, even doing laundry by our own. She said they would be useful when we were out of home. Yes, they are! For I've survived spending 10 years living by myself. Now every time I get back home, I find myself enjoying doing household chores in terms of helping my mom.

True Smiles

I've been working in an inclusive school (Special Education Departement for exact) for almost 3 years. I can say that I've had my ups and downs along the way. Those days had made me the way I am today. I mean, I've changed into a better person in terms of patience, teaching, handling special kids, group working, and several self-developmental kind of things.

I didn't realize working with kids is what I wanted to do since I was a kid. I loved and am still loving kids. I love to be with kids. I love to play with kids. I love to babysit kids. And so many love related to the kids. Although some of them may be annoying or spoiled, I know that they're just the kids. I can tell them the right thing and they'll happily follow and do it directly. That's what makes me even happier.

There are times when I feel sad because of  life problems. But whenever I see my special kids, they always have a healing power for my sadness. Because they make me smile directly I see th…

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HGM Christmas Giveaway

Hello! I'm baaaaaaack with a sense and much ambitions to win this super kawaii giveaway from HIPPIE GONE MAD. Shame on me? Nah, since I'm enjoying my holiday being (pretty much like) Cinderella (who do all her chores at home), I feel like I deserve something big (like this giveaway) as a reward. Cut the crap already, self. And send me gazillions of luck to win this. Ho-ho-ho!

P.S: All of you are welcome to join this giveaway cause it'll be so boring if I win without even trying my luck. 8)))