Well, hello. Finally I have my own faith to start blogging! Yay!
Stop laughing at me when you read the sentence above. I have had no faith in my self at first that maybe actually I can do write. Hey, but now I AM WRITING, ryt?

I used to write when I was a kid until err.. high school. I don't know why I stop writing since I entered campus life. Was it because of a bunch of tasks? Was it because I had important things to be done? It remains mystery until now.

I got inspired to write by people around me. Especially those who actively write on their blogs. I read some of them and it turns on my passion to write (again!). I like them who posts sense of fashions, shares their daily basis experience, and shows their emotional state. From them, I can take the goods, which are suitable to my own value. I also like those who posts about funny daily jokes.

So... Hope I'll enjoy this new-blog-sphere I'm just in. :)


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