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First Backpacker Ever!

To celebrate my hard work of finishing my study in three and a half year, I decided to do a short backpacker trip to internationally known island, Bali (and Lombok). With some savings I've made after 3 months working and a lil bit sponsor I got from my uncle, I packed my things and leave. Here is my story of being a nice-lucky-backpacker for three days, last year. ;)

Day 1
Arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport right before lunch time. I met my cousin in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel. There I got free lunch. Hihi. While waiting for the rain to stop, I planned my trip for what I was gonna do there. She helped me a lot by giving suggestions what beaches should I visit, what food should I eat, and where should I stay. With her, I was such a lucky backpacker ever. She let me stay in her dorm. She helped me by renting a motorcycle for 48 hours for me. And she showed me where I should eat. She was like the coolest cousin ever!

Time flew fast for we arranged so many things. It was almost dark…

Things I Want To See In Korea

I've never had an intention to lose myself knowing all about Korea unless I have a 12 year old Korean Girl private student. She has been my private student since last year. And I've been wondering about Korea for like 6 months by now.

From the first time she is asking me Korean stuffs, all I can say is just, "what's this?, "what's that?". And she replies with, "you don't know this and that?", "how could you don't know this and that?", "this and that is popular, you know?". And come out explanations from her about this and that.

As a private teacher, I lose face. How could I didn't take a little research about her hometown before I said yes to her mom's favor to be her private teacher. Fortunately, she's a nice girl. So, she tells me about what's in Korea. I remember once she asked me whether I knew Lotte World, the largest indoor theme-park in the world, or not. I definitely said no at that that time …