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Bangkok, yes?

For those who happen to live in Indonesia, you can try your luck to go to Bangkok for free. It's held by AirAsiaIndonesia and Wisata Thailand
Click here for details. 
Lots of luck for you guys! :*


Last Tuesday, we had our photo session for annual yearbook. This year theme is about country around the world. Our department had chosen Holland for the country. Here's the backdrop that we made the day before the photo session day. Oh, mind the blurry. It was taken by BB. :p

Into The Woods

Last Sunday, I went to Music Republicain to see my fellow ballroom dancer performed musical-theater kind of thing, titled "Into The Woods". He let himself auditioned for this performance 3 months ago. He got a role for The Wolf/Mysterious Man. Into something musical was what he had dreamt of. You know from watching Edward The Scissor hands and Phantom of The Opera, he had first developed a love of performing arts. So, getting a role in a musical-theater performance was like a dream came true for him.

I've never seen any musical theater performance live before. So, it was like a new experience for me. I first saw Glee, and I kinda liked it. Hearing that the performance would be a bit like Glee and that I would like so to see it confirmed me to buy its ticket. It was true! I sooooooo much liked it. I liked the props, casts, stories, make ups, dialogues, lights, sounds, and some of the songs. I was in love with the director, Keith Allerton, who happened to be Cinderella'…

Mean, huh?

It happened yesterday, in the middle of making this:

A: I don;t like her. She is so mean!
Me: Then you don't like me. I'm mean, too..
A: Yes, you are.
Me: Okay. I ....
A: No, you are not! I like you..


J'adore les chaussures!

Well from the title above I guess you can guess what this post about, eh? Yep. It's about my craziness over shoes!! It started when I found some affordable online shops with quirky style. I felt like I had to have that shoes on my own rack at home. Unfortunately, I hadn't earned money yet. I just bought the most I wanted with my saving money. I had to allow some of what I wanted were bought by someone else. :(

Since I earn my money now, I can buy some I want. Mostly, I love kind of pretty girly shoes like heels and wedges. I like sneakers and flats, too. Here are some babies I like the most! :)

B for Break, please?

Halloooo... Sorry for leaving this blog so long. My days and nights are so full with activities that need my full attention recently. That makes me hardly touch the internet to regularly post something here. Huff... But, here I am writing a lil bit. Two of my special kids are absent today because of sick so I kinda have a lil spare time to touch my lappy and exercise my fingers a bit. :p

Should I say February this year is the most busiest month ever in my life. The February just started yet I had already so much things to be done in no time. The first week I had IEP (Individual Education Program Plan) meetings with parents, like almost everyday after teaching time was over. Delivering the curriculum to the parents was never easy. We had to communicate well to them about what are we going to teach to their special kids this semester. They could also contribute what kind of subject they want us to teach them. When there is an agreement between the school and the parents, then the IEP is…

A Special Envelope For You, Dad

Dad.. How are you? Looks like you’ve been forcing yourself too much working. Looks like you still work hard to fill our ends meet. Looks like you lack a quality of night sleep. Looks like you’ve sacrificed enough to make us get better education in this era.
Dad, When you are here, I see you everyday waking up early. When you are here, you often miss your breakfast mom has made. When you are here, you chaperone lil’ brother then you come to my boarding house, bring me breakfast, and accompany me to school. When you are here, you always bring home some foods we like. When you are here, you like to treat us in all you can eat restaurant because you know we like to eat that much.

Dad, You never forget telling us to study hard. You never forget reminding us to always do daily praying. You never forget to check up on how our activities going..

You must be very tired working so hard like that. Maybe you expect your daughter to be nice by giving you a cup of hot tea when you come …

How The Side Job Is Going

Started last year, I had a weekly side job on the weekend. Every Saturday morning for sure. Well, it's quite hard to do it at the first time since my body and soul recognize it as a holi-day. Holiday means letting myself to wake up whenever I want, and do no thing all day long. Yet, when it comes to money that I'll earn, I can't let myself refuse this offer.

So, there I go every Saturday morning. I have 1-2 hours to study with Korean girl. Basically, I help her in solving her homework and persuading her to speak English more confidently. And, slightly enjoying her world in her age. ;)