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Here Comes The Wave

At the beginning of April, I was having mid semester break from school for a week. I didn't have any planning to go anywhere (since I'm saving for my 2013 trip). Soooo, I just stayed at home, lied on my bed, talked to my mom, and got some work things done. Until my friend of mine at school asked me to join her trip.She asked me whether I wanted to go to Sawarna Village in Banten, with her team (Gandewa) or not. I couldn't say no of course! So I packed up my things and left with them.

I didn't know before what Sawarna Village was. All I knew was a beach. In fact, Sawarna Village was like the hidden paradise in Banten. It was more or less 230 km away from Jakarta. White sands, heavy waves, blue seas, those all indulged my eyes.

I let you see those beauty indulge your eyes. ;)