Hello Goodbye!

Dije, Widya, Me, Khele, Ninda, Echy
at Akademos Faculty of Psychology UI
It starts with Hello. So, it ends with Goodbye.
In 2007, I entered University. I got Psychology as my major in University of Indonesia. Well, it was like a combination of hard-studied and much praying actually. And entering that place was like a dream come true.

I met so much new friends with various background. I was very happy that I'd like making friends so much with new different people. Fortunately, I met these 5 awesome girls. And we spent almost 3.5 years altogether.

Meeting them made my 3.5 years beyond amazing. I had a bunch of stories with them. From the happiness to the sadness. From the madness to the foolishness.

Actually, Dije, Widya, Ninda, and me were high school mates. Yet, different subjects. Dije and I were studying science. While Ninda and Widya were studying social. Khele was from high school in Solo, while Echy was from another public high school here in Jakarta. We barely knew each other back then. But, university reunited us and made us one big happy best friends.

We have our own characteristics. Dije, a person who liked to be against time. It's like time was her best enemy. On the other hand, I was very punctual. I counted every single second. Once, I was in dispute with her just because of time. Funny to remember now that I was very angry at that time. I knew that it was her habit, but still I couldn't accept it. Knowing that today she is more aware of time makes me happy. Oh, she was the best dancer and actress in our theater club at the moment. Others were Echy (a best futsal goal-keeper in our batch), Ninda (a beautifully genius geeky girl I've ever met), Khele (she was either an attractive nature lover or active mountain climber), and Widya (the most gingerly yet clever girl in our group).

Together we made our stories through campus life. Until one day, we had to go on our own way that we already chose. The time when we wore our graduation costume. The time when we had to walk on our own feet. The time when we had to chase our dream. We knew that we would be apart. We would not be together all the time. But, in our hearts we knew. That we always be together. We could still meet once in a blue moon. We could still do something fun together. We could repeat all the foolishness... Someday. In our busy working hours.



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