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First Watermelon

Did I tell you that I'm sooooo into beauty stuffs? Yes. That's why on this post I'll show you my first nail art project I've ever done. I did this to one of my nice friend. I mean, he volunteered himself. He asked me if I wanted to try some nail arts, I could do it on his nails. So, voila! This is the result. Isn't it nice? Maybe I'll try another objects on another nails. Oh, mind the oh-not-so-good-photos. I did it late night. :p

Thursday Romanticism: Miss You Much

You are what you dance. So keep on dancing!
Ah, I wish I could. *burst into tears*. Yes, I've been leaving dancing for about 6 months now. And I'm craving for it much lately. The reason why I left it is simply because I have a job. Having a job to be done that takes much time everyday. To know that I don't have enough time to dance anymore is sad.

Some say that I have to manage my time carefully and spare a bit so I can still have left to do dancing. Some say that it's okay because you can not be there (on dancing) all your life. Another say that I have to find out my another like to do beside dancing. But, deep down inside, I just can't leave the thing I like the most for like 4 years. I just can't give up dancing to the job I have right now. I just can't find another things I like to do most. I just can't live without dancing. I just.............CAN'T!

한국 음식 *


Short Quick Escape

Last Friday was the very last day at school. No more pencils, nor pens. No more books, nor white-board. No more IEPs, nor Reports to be done. So I rewarded myself with a little short quick escape to Flower Town. I went there as my long-time-no-see-friend, Ayasho, invited me to do so.
After finishing some works on that day, I booked the cheapest travel bus to go there at night. Yes, I like traveling at night. I can let my beauty self sleep because it’s too dark to see the view outside. Late nite, my friend picked me up at Gampoeng Aceh. I didn’t know before that it was a name for Restaurant in Dago. There, she was not alone. She brought also her another two friends. They were known as Andra and Edo. First time meeting the boys, I knew this escape would be fun, since they were so funny. They were kind of people who cordially pleasant, companionable, yet foolish. I thought spending several days here would be relieving.

I'm Not A Supergirl

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." (Brian Tracy) We all have a comfort zone where everything feels like safe and familiar.We tend to stay inside it. Stay in comfortable situation. Avoid something that doesn't fit our expectations. That's simply because we are afraid of falling. We are afraid of the unknown. We are scared to challenge ourselves to something beyond our mind or power.
As I heard my friend said, "try to leave your comfort zone". I am experiencing that matter, too. For I always usually get what I wish; entered university I wanted, graduated university in 3.5 years, had a job even before I graduated, won several Ballroom Dancing competitions. Those were…

Oh-My-Goodness-Sports Day-Ever!

Yesterday, we were having Sports Day. Yep, it’s totally about sports. And it’s all day. Yayyer! There were so many competitions in which divided according to the kids age. The teams were based on their house department. There Nakula (Blue Shirt), Sadewa (Yellow Shirt), Bima (Red Shirt), and Arjuna (Green Shirt). I was, in coincidence, in Arjuna (Green Shirt) the same team with one of my special kid.
All special needs kids competed in Early Childhood’s area of skills. It had Ball Relay, Obstacle Race, Bean Bag Throw, and Egg and Spoon. The rules were as easy as it referred to small kids around 5-8 years old. In Ball Relay, they had to run to where the balls were spotted, took the ball, and ran back to their team. While they passed several race, such as walked on balance beam, did front roll, and ran through each hoop. To throw away the bean bag was the only rule in Bean Bag Throw. Last, holding a spoon with egg on it was the most difficult thing to handle while you’re walking through th…

Dinner For Two

I am praising Mike Gayle for having this such a funny but also delightful masterpiece of writing. I found this book on the internet when Ninit Yunita and her husband, Aditya Mulya, were having a clearance sale of their old books. I was tempted to have it not only because of its cover but because of its review on Amazon as well.

I knew that I felt in love with this book once I read the first page. It took my full attention to read it as fast as I could. Seemed like I couldn't wait for tomorrow to make it to the end page.

This book is surely about love, romantic relationship, commitment, job, and trust. I know that love will be everyday hot issue to be discussed. And this book gives another perspective of everyday love-life.
What I like most about this book is the male main character, Dave Harding. He's such an adorable husband alive. He's a music journalist who turned out to work on teens magazine as a Love Doctor. You know, the one giving advice to teenagers who have a proble…

Joy To The World

Welcoming December means welcoming Christmas atmosphere. I am personally welcoming the joyfulness, cheerfulness, and colorfulness (regarding Red and Green as Christmas color). I like when all of sudden, how department stores, malls, grocery stores, and bookstores turn into Christmas atmosphere. I like when I have to find some presents for my friends who are celebrating Christmas. And, when I can see so many Christmas Tree all around the corner.

And so does the school. Christmas atmosphere is attacking my school. As today, we are having Christmas Party at Special Needs Department. One of the teacher and I made the Christmas Tree (picture seen above). Decorated the window with Christmas accessories and hung the Christmas wreath made with buttons. All were DIY's stuff.

Today is dedicated to the togetherness and happiness we share. We're doing exchange gift. Teachers give a present to the students. Otherwise, students bring a present for the teachers. So much fun. Also, we'…

Un Petite Cadeau

After living for like 22 years, I personally am able to give something to my mom. With the money I earn myself. I know that my present is not expensive nor luxurious. But, I feel like the happiest daughter alive seeing my mother was such in tears when I handed it to her... err, I was too. :')

Claire's Blast Day

One of my special kids is celebrating her birthday today. She is turning 11 this year. Yay! Happy Cake Day, dear Claire! :)

Hello Goodbye!

It starts with Hello. So, it ends with Goodbye. In 2007, I entered University. I got Psychology as my major in University of Indonesia. Well, it was like a combination of hard-studied and much praying actually. And entering that place was like a dream come true.
I met so much new friends with various background. I was very happy that I'd like making friends so much with new different people. Fortunately, I met these 5 awesome girls. And we spent almost 3.5 years altogether.
Meeting them made my 3.5 years beyond amazing. I had a bunch of stories with them. From the happiness to the sadness. From the madness to the foolishness.

Actually, Dije, Widya, Ninda, and me were high school mates. Yet, different subjects. Dije and I were studying science. While Ninda and Widya were studying social. Khele was from high school in Solo, while Echy was from another public high school here in Jakarta. We barely knew each other back then. But, university reunited us and made us one big happy best …

The Pink Starfish and The Squarepants

Seeing my special kids completing puzzle everyday makes me wanting to do the same. I mean, it's always me ask them to do it as always-thing-to-do-before-studying. Yeah, they always complete a puzzle as a start to enter the study atmosphere. When you hear the word 'puzzle', you will think it's something fun to do. Interesting to do. Something much attractive to kids, instead of 'study'. And that applies especially to the kids. After completing puzzle, they will allow themselves to study nicely. That's why I make it everyday routine for them.

Amazingly, every time they do puzzle, they do it with desire. Desire to complete it quickly. They find piece by piece and then put it into sequence, either from above or from below part of its puzzle. Once they finish, they say it quickly. They sit still and wait for my instruction what to do next.

And, here I am. After escorting my special kids to their caregiver, I sit down myself and start completing the puzzle…


Well, hello. Finally I have my own faith to start blogging! Yay! Stop laughing at me when you read the sentence above. I have had no faith in my self at first that maybe actually I can do write. Hey, but now I AM WRITING, ryt?
I used to write when I was a kid until err.. high school. I don't know why I stop writing since I entered campus life. Was it because of a bunch of tasks? Was it because I had important things to be done? It remains mystery until now.
I got inspired to write by people around me. Especially those who actively write on their blogs. I read some of them and it turns on my passion to write (again!). I like them who posts sense of fashions, shares their daily basis experience, and shows their emotional state. From them, I can take the goods, which are suitable to my own value. I also like those who posts about funny daily jokes.
So... Hope I'll enjoy this new-blog-sphere I'm just in. :)