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Suara (The Voice)

October is a special month. It's a month not only for Halloween but also a Domestic Violence Awareness month. Domestic violence should not happen to anybody. Yet, it is still happening right now. It happens among couples (married or unmarried). It occurs within all age ranges, ethnic backgrounds, and economic levels. Women are more commonly victimized. Knowing that Kelola For Arts and Culture held a dance performance about domestic violence entitled, "Suara" at Goethe Haus Jakarta, I rushed myself to reserve a spot.

About "Suara" (The Voice)

Domestic violence is not easy to detect by society. Because, half of the victims or witnesses remain silence and keep that horrible experiences by themselves. Another half, decided to act. One of them is Nabilla Rasul. She is one of the witness, who dare to recall those horrible moments and express those feelings into movements called "Suara" (The Voice).

The choreography tells about domestic violence that is happe…

D & K Wedding

This day I will marry my best friend,
the one I laugh with,
live for,
dream with,

~ Author Unknown ~

Last night, I went to Diat's Wedding (Ditta and Kiat) at Kembang Goela in Plaza Sentral. This is one of thousands wedding that I attend wholeheartedly. Why wholeheartedly? Because this is one of the wedding that I do make the time to go, that I do intuitively buy presents for the bride and groom, that I am happy dressing up and wearing make up and high heels, that I am willing to socialize at the party. Hell, they were my ballroom dance mate since uni!

I can't remember how happy I am meeting old friends, giggling over funny lines, dancing up together, and catching up stories. Surely, Ditta and Kiat's Wedding has united ballroom dancers alumni into one. Togetherness. In a very special moment. To know that Ditta and Kiat also met on the dance floor back in the past.

Enjoy the little things, D & K.
In sweet companionship and love, together may you keep the road through man…

Ha Ha Ha Happy Halloween!

Last Friday, Special Needs Teachers (including me) made Halloween Party at school. Halloween Party is not always in our program. We don't hold it annually. But this year, we decide to hold it because there are several news students who might wanna enjoy the fun activity we create. We know that some of our students who have severe autism might not know the concept of Halloween and wearing costumes. So we focus on what makes our students happy and working within their comfort zone.

The Halloween Party was not scary after all. It was funny! There was cooking time, watching Halloween movie, eating snacks, playing around, and taking photographs. The students wore costumes that made them looked cute. We had decorated the walls and the doors so students could take photos. We prepared snacks so they could eat while watching Halloween movie. We also held cooking session to make pumpkin-head-look ham. Parents also helped us by sending continuous Halloween-themed cookies and cake.

Happy to s…