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GroovAholic Dance Course

Since I didn't have any plan where to go during my Summer Holiday, I decided to take a dance course to fulfill my dancing needs. So in the early July, I joined GroovAholic Dance Course for a week. It was held by several dance studios around Jakarta; Speranza Dance Studio (in which I'm a member of) and d'Posture Dance Studio.

I took this course simply because it has Contemporary and Hip Hop Classes all day loooong for about a week. You know, I'm so into Contemporary and Hip Hop Routines lately. I don't know why, I just feel happy, relax, and relieve after I dance this kind of dances. :)

So, there I went every day. To dance all day long. To fulfill my dancing needs. For about a week. At the end of the week, we have to perform what we got from those classes in a well-known old-fashioned performing art venue, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. Couldn't be more happier girl I was!

Here are the snapshots! Enjoy. :D

photos taken by various source: Me, Jemima Vaya, Sisi Simanulang,

Kumpul Bocah Production

I must say that I'm pleased to contribute myself in a project called Kumpul Bocah Production last June. It's an annually summer holiday fun program especially for special kids. It has not only creative and fun activities but also challenging and interesting things to do during the program. Say there are physical activities (a lot of them) to enhance their gross motor skills, fine motor activities to maintain their concentration and awareness, also leisure skills to just have fun.

I was actually helping my friends since they were the founder of Kumpul Bocah Production. I helped posting on its blog to get updated and was being a facilitator to accompany the special kids during a week. It was a fun and lovely experience to spend my first week of summer holiday being surrounded by the special kids (not to mention I earned money too.. hihi). 

*photos to come after permission granted ;)*

*UPDATED* here we go!

Red Tiny Apples

Since I am on a holiday and have nothing to do with something called work, I spend my afternoon doing a Nail Art Experiment. So, here's my first project on my nails done by my other hand: Red Tiny Apples. Sooooo proud of myself! Hihi..

We Are Rolling In The Deep

Last Tuesday, I managed to join Jazz Contemporary Workshop by Lauren Hughes, a choreographer from Sydney. It was held by United Dance Works Indonesia, remember this post? United Dance Works is a place where you can learn various types of dance (from Krumping to Swag, from Jazz Contemporary to K-Pop, from Hip Hop to B-Boy). Yea, I know! I've already became its member since last month. I took Open Class Membership in order to learn those various kind of dances.

Okay, back to the workshop. I was so excited to get in to her class, since I'm such a big fan of contemporary routines. I seemed to perk to know that she was going to give us a routine using Adele - Rolling In The Deep song. Don't laugh! I so much liked the routine she gave us. A bit more like lyrical jazz, yet didin't leave the contemporary things I like.

She choreographed her routine in front of mirror as this helps us see ourselves while performing the routine. I must say the choreography wasn't that intrica…