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Heart Records

I found out about Jakarta Broadway Team's planning on putting a show in Graha Bakti Budaya at the end of January. I asked my friends to come along with me to watch their performance. To be honest, I've never watched any musical live show besides Into The Woods before. I guessed this would be another experience to broaden my mind when watching such a show.

Touching down Jakarta after a quick getaway in Ambon rushed me to be on time. I really didn't want to miss this performance just because I was feeling tired coming up from my holiday. Thanked God I arrived before time that I had a spare time to catch my breath before the show started.

The first time the curtain was opened, I was wowed by the glamour costumes. I thought they must be tried their hardest preparing the costumes for the shows. And they surely nailed it. As a fan of dances -Hiphop, Jazz, Ballroom, you name it-, my eyes were totally indulged by the choreography. The basic love story; meet new people, befriend, …


If you happen to travel to Ambon, you might want to try The Natsepa Resort & Convention Center. Although it is located far away from the city center, you can still feel the beauty of scenery. It's a 4 stars hotel which has a beautiful view in the back because it is situated by the beach. I don't really know about the price but I think it's worth the price since you'll get so much beautiful view during your stay.

Choose the room which has view to the pool and ocean (2nd or 3rd floor are recommended). The room is clean and spacious yet minimalist. That counts to your quality of sleep. Wake up early to get Ambon freshness air the first time you open up your window. Walk through your veranda and breath as much fresh air as you can. I suggest you to enjoy your time on your veranda before swimming. Glance slowly at the coconut trees, bright skies, light brown sand, and blue sea. You'll find yourself at peace. It's also a perfect place to contemplate or write…

Ambon Manise

I remembered how I turned myself in going to Ambon. It was before dawn when my dad called me asking whether I've taken shower and prepared to school or not. Geez! Dad, it wasn't even 5 a.m in Jakarta when you called me. He asked me how was school among other things. Sleepily, I said it was okay. Well, basically he just wanted to let me know (a.k.a showed me off) that he was in Ambon with her rarely-met-sister. As usual I was like "Whaaaaat? Me want to be there either." Usually, Dad would excuse either that he had busy schedule or that I should be thinking about school and work well. Surprisingly this time he asked me to come the following weekend with my brother. Without any doubt, I said yes.

I flew to Ambon with my brother last weekend. We both were so happy for having a weekend getaway in the middle of our busy schedule. I hardly meet my brother because neither him nor me stay at home. We started to live independently by the time we entered high school. So, this c…

Killers (2014)

Actually I knew nothing about this movie until someone I followed on twitter mentioned it. I searched what this movie was about and was eager to see the trailer. Found out that it was the latest movie from The Mo Brothers. Ah, The Mo Brothers had been the one whom everybody kept talking about since their first movie Rumah Dara hit the cinema back in 2009. Now, they had made more sadistic movie, Killers.

Killers was about Nomura, a serial killer based in Tokyo who uploaded his videos of his kills to the internet and Bayu, a disgraced journalist who was trying to expose somebody's wrack in Jakarta. The two of them met occasionally through the internet after Bayu killed the men trying to assault him in the taxi and uploaded the video to the site where Nomura constantly showed off his latest kills. The plot began to raise.

Joining Killers movie screening with MovigoersID, I watched it on Sunday (2/9) at Blitzmegaplex. I must say Killers have it all: great casts, stunning cinematograph…

Bad Days Turn Into....

You know exactly you are having a bad day when you start your day by cleaning up two different feces. No matter how hard you try to have positive mind or positive attitude, the universe won't let things slide into a good one.You just have to deal with it. Face it. Until it's all gone by the end of the week. And you know for sure that you have a good happy ending by Sunday.

That's what I went through last week. My special students tested my patience the whole week. I was having a flu as the week started and lost my voice by the end of the week. I just felt that it was so unfair for all the bad things coming to me at the same time. In addition, I got two observation days from one of my student's therapist when I had no voice.

The bad things then changed into slightly a better one when I joined free trial Hiphop class at Yovell Dance Studio (3rd floor of Restaurant Sulawesi, South Kemang). I released all of my tension, all negativity, through dancing. I felt good afterwar…

Comic 8 (2014)

Since watching its first trailer on youtube at the end of last year, I couldn't wait to watch the full movie. Waiting for it to be aired nationally was killing me. Seriously. Yet, now it's all paid off.

I must say Comic 8 was by far the best Indonesian Comedy movie I've ever watched. The punch line were hilariously funny. The casts were fit to their act. Even though I didn't really know that comic could act that good. Surprisingly, the plot was kind of mind-blowing for me. I guessed it wrong. But that's okay because it turned out good eventually. I know for sure that this movie was seriously made. The set places really portrayed the story. The props looked real (I mean the guns). The way the casts shoot them fascinated me. I mean they worked really hard to make this happened. Two thumbs up for the production team and casts! :)

So, just spare your time today. Go to the nearest cinema. Have a fun day watching Comic 8 before it's too late.

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