Dance Floor Soulmate

I started dancing when I was a kid. Thanks to my mom who put me in Traditional Dance Class in the neighborhood without my permission. I performed several times at that time.

Primary, Middle, and High School years I passed without knowing the latest infos about dancing. I threw my self up in Marching Band Community and Theater Club, instead. Quite enjoying those old good times though I didn't have very passionate heart in time of doing. I was acquainted with Ballroom Dancing when I was Freshman. A friend of mine introduced me to it. And next time I knew, I felt in love with it.

Last year in uni, I opened up myself to another possibility of dancing genre. Later I know, I found myself drowning in (what we call) Jazz Ballet slash Street Jazz. Most of people define Street Jazz with a various dances characterized by the use of improvisation and influenced by rhythms and ballet techniques which is developed over time. True that improvisations and basic ballet techniques are involved. But for me, I define Street Jazz as a combination of a lot of different dance moves. It can be dynamic and lyrical. It can be a mix of ballet and hip hop. It can have a more flowing and softer style. It can have expressive and emotive movements. On top of all, it will improve flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina.

Whilst I'm addicted to my dance repertoire, I didn't realize that I have a same strange disposition with one of my dance mates. Her name is Woro. We used to wear the same color of tops or bottoms without even have a word before. We became closer ever since.

I know we're not kind of a 5 or even 10 year friends that already knows each other very well. No. We just started to be friends. But, it feels like we've been friends for like ever. What makes more interesting? She likes Jazz more and she dances well in Jazz while I like Hip Hop more and I dance well in Hip Hop (err, sort of). She lives by herself, so do I. We share the same individualist perspective. We have (pretty much) the same point of views in life. Aaaand, we complete each other. We share infos to each other. We encourage each other to dance better in another genre.

I honestly can't thank Allah enough for giving me such a good friend to be with in my passionate part of life: dancing! Alhamdulillah.. :')


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