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Currently Watching [Fight My Way]

OMONAAAAA... they didn't! Fight My Way or Third-rate My Way (whichever it may be, because kdrama is inconsistent with its english title) is now becoming my all time favorite youth rom-com of all. It's fresh and real. It brings up childhood-friendship-turns-lover theme. It's sassy and bold addressing youth issues of having a dream, positive growth, friendship as a support system, and making decisions in a relationship.

I'm beyond happy that the production team perfectly cast Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won together as they both have greaaaaat chemistry on screen. Their acting are so natural that I believe they have been friends for 20 years long and trying to do what they love in spite of so many challenges they are facing. I regret for not watching it early, but I also regret that I watch it now because now I have to wait a week to know what happened in the next episodes. Gosh, show! Please keep being awesome. <3 p="">

Youth is only youth when you cause tro…

Currently Watching [NOT]

As much as I love korean drama to the moon and and never come back, I find it very strange for me to think and re-think a lot what kdrama to watch daily. There are many kdrama(s) that I happen to miss their run weekly these days. Ha! This is just not me. Why? What is happening to me? Self?? Are you changing now? *insert thunder back sound here*

Back then, I could get upset easily if I ever missed an episode. I tried my best to make time everyday. I knew what to watch daily, I knew what shows aired on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I felt the urge to watch an episode daily just to fulfill my craving for "uri oppa" on screen. I could even put my sleep on hold just to make sure I had clicked the start button on my favorite kdrama every night.

But now, I am very selective and careful on clicking the start button. I even ponder or do a research about its plot and casts before deciding what to watch. I am watching according to my mood. E…

Hello-It's-Been-A-While Post

I know that I was just posted several days ago, and my last quality post was about 6 months ago. I know I always give an excuse for not writing for so long, yet I keep doing it again and again. And that's why I put the title as it is because it's like my another "Hello, it's been a while" saying to this blog. So, for not making myself more guilty, I did some changes on the looks. But I'm still not satisfied with it. I need to check the settings tab more and do a lil' experiment about it since it's freee yay...!

Okay. So, I thought I was embracing what 2017 would be on my last (year) post and now 2017 has gone almost half of it. Geez! I really need to manage my time wisely and try not to give and make any excuses for not posting for ages (read: I have to reduce my korean drama binge-watching drastically). I won't blame my addiction to kdrama nor my poor time-management skills because I have been enjoying all of those things recently (read: I've…