Dinner For Two

I am praising Mike Gayle for having this such a funny but also delightful masterpiece of writing. I found this book on the internet when Ninit Yunita and her husband, Aditya Mulya, were having a clearance sale of their old books. I was tempted to have it not only because of its cover but because of its review on Amazon as well.

I knew that I felt in love with this book once I read the first page. It took my full attention to read it as fast as I could. Seemed like I couldn't wait for tomorrow to make it to the end page.

This book is surely about love, romantic relationship, commitment, job, and trust. I know that love will be everyday hot issue to be discussed. And this book gives another perspective of everyday love-life.

What I like most about this book is the male main character, Dave Harding. He's such an adorable husband alive. He's a music journalist who turned out to work on teens magazine as a Love Doctor. You know, the one giving advice to teenagers who have a problem. And his wife, Izzi, was an Editor in Chief in one of the best woman magazine. It's like Dave has it all: monthly fixed income, beautiful wife, house, and best friends. Until one day, a teenage girl came after him. She confessed that Dave is her biological father. And it changed it all.

I love how Gayle wrote it in Dave Harding's point of view and in Izzi's point of view. He brilliantly makes me think about how my romantic relationship and marriage life would be. That, it's not easy to form a new life with someone if you in some way holding a secret by yourself.


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