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Thoughts Garden

Currently reading This is NOT a Book by Keri Smith has made me realized how ideas can pop up anytime, anywhere, in any state of mind if you get the right stimulus. I mean, your brain can respond well if it gets right stimulus. Like those that are inside Keri Smith This is NOT a Book.

You'll be amazed every time you navigate your way through the following pages. In every page you turn, you'll find yourself voluntarily do what it says. Every pages hypnotized you in a good way that you don't even dare to complain but directly do it (or at least find the right time to do it).

I'm opening the page in which it says Thought Garden. It says that I may plant my ideas here. Since it's a free garden, I'm planting several ideas related traveling and self-development. I have so many places to visit this year, yet I have so little time to make time to go there. It hurts my eyes so much that I can't tick an empty boxes right next to the places list. Huffness..

I hope wri…

My Special Kids

I feel grateful to be working with special kids for almost three years now. Three years that has been my very emotionally ups and downs. These past three years, not only I handled special kids but also I handled my self. Being the only daughter at home has quite made me a person who couldn't be opposed before. I felt like people at home should've done what I wanted them to do, or should've allowed me to do what I wanted to do. If they didn't, I could get cranky and angry right in front of them.

Well, it was me years ago. Me before I met special kids. I learned many good things from them especially patience and taking respect in the process. That all things we want or do can come easily. That all things need process to get the (good) result. And in the process, we are allowed to try various kind of way to find which one's the best one to get us there.

Thank you, sweet heart. Thank you my special kids. Even though you hardly speak, you have a big good heart where I c…

Master's Sun

My brain has been occupied by new Korean Drama entitled Master's Sun since my Korean Student introduced me two weeks ago. I must say I'm not a Korean Drama big fans. I like watching any tv series, from thriller to romance, from comedy to psychological. Just without any horror part in it. I hate anything related with horror. Horror stories or movies make me hardly sleep at night because my mental images are going wild when it comes to interpreting horror literally. :p

When Alice told me about this new Korean Drama, I was like excited because So Ji Sub was one of the main actor. I'm keeping a crush on him since 2004 when I watched Korean Drama What Happen in Bali. I know I was so young back then, but my eyes couldn't go wrong in identifying good looking actor. Hahaha.. So, I was eager to see it.... until Alice said that there were ghosts in this drama. I was like...... WWWHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT???

Excitement then went in to hesitation. I was so afraid I would see ghosts and t…

First Writing for SCB!

My first writings for SCB news! #kindalatepost :p

Sunday Morning Line Ups

Goooooosh! I've been abandoned this blog for two months straight. Apologize. :( Time passed by too fast these past two months. I was busy preparing for the new semester, was quite tired in Ramadan month, and was looking for inspiration on what to write (err...not really). But, I'm back now. And I promise myself (oh, I always promise myself and in the end I always break it, *sigh*) to blog more. Yep!

So, this post is actually an old post that I intended to write before I went back to school. This has been hanging in draft folder for one and a half month without me having intention to make this finish and go public. So, leggo!

As you know, I live by myself in de-kost during week days. I come home usually (but not regularly) on week ends. So, when I'm at home, there are several things I usually do (but not regularly, *yes again* hahahaha). Here's the lists:

1. Wake up and do morning pray
2. Put on my running shoes and run (if I'm not in my energy-saving mode)
3. Buy o…