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Local Amazing Race


Meet Nici!

Hello! Since two days ago, my Korean Private Student stayed at home beauce of sick. Kinda sad to hear that. Well, to make my mood a lil' bit up today, I'm going to post about what we were doing two weeks ago.

Yep, two weeks ago I was having so much fun with her and her doll, Nici. It was bought when She came to Bandung. She said that She already had one before she came to Indonesia. She just loved Nici so much.

Once we've done studying, She showed Nici off to me. She put towel on its shoulder. I put glasses on its eye. Aaaannnd, we took another doll to accompany it just to make Nici feel it's not alone. Hihi..

No Complain Week

Last month I challenged myself to join No Complain Week (part 2). Again, I missed part 1 because I didn't pay much attention to my timeline on twitter. Yes, it was on because someone (on twitter, for sure) had made up an idea of having seven days (in a row) a week without complaining.

It started on Monday which ended in Sunday. First day, I felt like I could blow up like a volcano mountain anytime. It happened when I wanted to complain about something yet suddenly I remembered that I was in the middle of no complain week. Day by day I realized if I kept myself in such a happy mood, always smiling and think in a positive way, I barely complained to what I got nor face.

The point I've learned from joining this positive activities is if I can control what to show through my facial expression, which is be happy anytime, I barely complain nor show bad mood through my face. Even it was difficult at the first time, when I finally got 'thing' (on how I should do it), I survive…

Ultimate Dance Week Vol. 2

Missing The Ultimate Dance Week Vol. 1 last year has made me wait for another year to come just to join The Ultimate Dance Week Vol. 2. And yes, I'm joining it this year. It's like whoooooaaaaaa....!!!! Finally I can try how to dance Hip Hop, Jazz Contemporary, and Experimental Contemporary in a proper way. :p

It was such a fun and joy to know that there are so many kind of dance I want to learn. I started to dance when I was a kid. Thanks to my mom who firstly put me into an Indonesian Traditional Dancing Club near my house and performed it for the very first time when I was in kindergarten. Unfortunately, I had to postpone afterwards because I was having another favorite things to do which were Drum Band (in elementary and middle school), and theater club (in high school).

I started to dance again in 2007. It was when I got in love with Ballroom Dancing when I just got into uni. From then I never absent to come to its rehearsal once a week every Friday. Sadly, when I had a j…

Celebrating Autism Awareness 2012

Here we go again this year! Special Education Departement Sekolah Cita Buana presents Celebrating Autism Awareness, "A Closer Look to Diversity & Differently Able Children". This year we go public by organizing some Seminars and Workshop for Therapist, Special Needs Teachers, and also Parents. Not to mention we are having Photo Exhibition and going to show our 'extraordinary-life-photos' on the Sekolah Cita Buana Lobby. Besides, there will be a mini bazaar selling handmade arts and crafts made by special needs kids.

Soooo.. Mark your calendar! April 28th from 8 am - 1 pm. For those who are free at that time, kindly come and join our events. See youu on the spot! :)