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Cook and Eat with Chef Tatang

I took my mom to @america last Saturday. She was so happy that she got a chance to cook together with Chef Tatang and try the food they've made together. Her happiness had made me even content for taking her to that place. :)

The Sweetest Things From The Past

Last Saturday nite I went to Cilandak Town Square (CiToS) to see Wall’s event: Pasar Puter DungDung. There, you could find some traditional food and traditional games. By only paying 10k, you got a scoop of Dungdung ice cream with any topping you want, a door-prize chance, and a chance of trying several traditional games such as Karambol, Lempar Kaleng, Ular Tangga, Yoyo, Air Hockey, and Engrang. You could find some traditional food like Kue Lekker, Tahu Gejrot, Kue Cubit, and some more.

I was so excited to see this event that I've asked some of my friends to come with me. Unfortunately, they couldn't come. So, I took the liberty to ask my mom. And there we went. My mom was as well as excited as I was. We were so happy eating ice cream with traditional topping together and having a good talks. Later I know, that the aim of this event is to placard mom-daughter's relationship. They aim has successfully reached on me. :')

Too bad we couldn't taste some traditional …

The Love Letters

I just knew that in blog-sphere, there are some bloggers come up with an idea of having a #30DaysWritingLoveLetter starting January 14th 2012 until February 14th 2012. I think this concept is quite interesting. They wanted to arouse all bloggers (in Indonesia) to write more about someone/something special in our life and the reason why that person/thing becomes special in many ways. In the end, there will be a little present for those who have very interesting letters. You can see the rules here.

Some of my friends have already joined this thing. I want to, but seems like it's quite late so I'll just make a love letter weekly to someone/something special in my life and post it in my blog starting this week for like 30 weeks. Hopefully I can commit with what I just said. In case I forget, you all can remind me by posting comment here. *finger-crossed*


The first word came out after I finish this book was WHY?. Why? Yes, why? Why spending my two nights (after-working-hours) reading it, I still don't get it? Why (even I don't get it) I still want to read it again? And why you VALIANT BUDI can make me such in amazed of your twisted writings? Why?

Besides the I-don't-get-it-thing, I loooooooooove how VALIANT BUDI unify words by words and make them into a sentence that awaken my imaginary circumstances. I loooooooooove how he makes them into a perfect paragraph that makes me had a goosebumps, yet still curious about how the story will end. Even though, in the end I still don't get it if Brama, or Aulia, or even Dimas were .. okay STOP! I don't wanna be a spoiler by saying such a thing about this book. I suggest you to read it in no time. To find what's inside this book. Why in some way, I still don't get it. And why I love VALIANT BUDI so muuuuuuuuch!

Happy reading, fellas!

P.S: be careful of what you see or l…

Elmo, Me, And Our Friends

Yesterday, I went to @America in Pacific Place level 3. I'm meeting my friend from Sahabat Anak Crew. He promised to take me to this place last year, but he just had a free time (so did I) yesterday. So, yeah. :)

We decided to meet there directly since I was going from my house because of this flu and cough I had. Yeah, I kinda ran away from home because you-know-when-you-are-sick-you-are-not-allowed-to-go-outside-so-I-just-made-a-reasonable-reason-to-go-out-which-was-in-fact-for-me-it's-not-reasonable-at-all. Breath deeply. I just made it to go out. Yes, thank you! :p

I am grateful for meeting him and his friends yesterday. I had so much fun, gazillions laughter, and a bunch of funny jokes. There, I just knew some characters from Jalan Sesama (Indonesian Version of Sesame Street in America). It successfully made a sudden childhood memories flashed through my mind. And that, made me happy.

Thanks for bringing me to a new place, making me laugh, and meeting with new friends Sa…

Review Hostel: Pondok Lodge

In KL, the boys found a cheap yet nice hostel in Bukit Bintang. They found it through hostel world. It's quite cheap there that you have to pay only RM25 /person/night for the 4 Bed Mixed Dorm type. That includes comfortable fully air-conditioned room, breakfast, internet access, towels for hire, shared bedroom., reading rooms, TV room and rooftop garden sitting area. Its located is strategic which is within walking distance from the Twin Towers, KL Tower, China Town, Pudu Raya bus terminal, restaurants, clubs and bars, 24-hour convenience stores, shopping malls and the Monorail. I know, nice right? ;)

So, for all the budget traveler like me, I recommend this kind of hostel to be stayed when you visit KL. As we only used that facilities during sleeping hours at night, morning until breakfast, and rest sometimes in the afternoon, we found pleasure staying there for 6 days (included New Year's Eve). 

It's All New

This is my last promised of posting the New Year's Eve activities in KL. Hope you all enjoy it.

When there were no popular places left to visit, we decided just to wander around Bukit Bintang, try Nasi Lemak in Kampung Baru, and see what's inside of Malls around Bukit Bintang at days. At night, we had dinner at Kopitiam inside fahrenheit and saw what's happening in Twin Tower and Pavilion. It was just too crowded. People were everywhere. We barely could walk. So, we grabbed some beers and snacks, went to the hostel, and celebrated New Year's Eve at the rooftop. :)

We had so much talked and drank a lot (err.. actually I couldn't drink more than half of Heineken can hihi). The Japanese boy learned some Holland Spreken, and The Dutch also learned some Japanese language. Me? I was just the girl who watched them attractively and took photos of them and listened to their stories. :p

I've come to a decision that in 2013 I must go to Holland and go around Europe. The …

We Want More Friday, Heritage Site, and Batu Caves

As promised, in this post I'll tell you our 2nd and 3rd day in KL. :)
The second day went as good as the first day. We took monorail to go KL Sentral to gain some informations about how to go to Penang Island (for the boys were going there on January 2nd). Its cost was only RM2.10 from Bukit Bintang to KL Sentral. KL Sentral is Malaysia's largest transit hub where there's integrated rail transportation centre and bus stations. It is also a direct link to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Putrajaya (the Federal Government Administrative Centre), Cyberjaya and key areas within the Multimedia Super Corridor.
Then, we walked the street to see Brickfields as known as Little India where we can eat cheap Vegetarian Indian Food. We found Gandhi's Vegetarian Restaurant which served vegetarian meals in Indian taste. It's served in Prasmanan style. You know, we can take any food we want in any quantity. It cost no more than RM10 included drinks. Cheap, eh? ;)
Afterwards, we fo…

Au Revoir 2011

So, we are facing 2012. The most phenomenal year we've ever talked before. It's just only 4 days in 2012, yet what I've done mostly is just lying on bed, watching TV, and doing nothing. I don't know why I haven't made some resolutions yet for this years. Too tired for having a little trip to KL before, I guess. :p

2011 has been the years for struggling to stay on path, adapting to new situations (mostly work atmosphere), handling special needs children, dealing with family's issues, emerging adulthood, trying new stuffs, having unforgettable journeys, leaving comfort zone, and keeping in touch with friends. It's a year when I learned so many lessons in life. It's a year when I had to make decisions for myself. It's a year when I found new acquaintances. It's a year when I grew up.

You know, life will never be easy and happy all the time. We will face hard times, difficult situations, loneliness attacks, uneasy decisions, and blurry path. Yet, we…