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Afternoon Tea And Flowery Time With Cutting Project

Cutting Project collaboration work is back! Now we're bringing Thressia to take an afternoon tea with us. Thressia is a musician who often spends her time doing rehearsal. But once she has free time, she likes to hang out and tries new food. She not only wears Semi-Formal Black Top from Cutting Project to complete her look while having casual chit-chat with us, but she also enjoys herself draped in Flowery Jumpsuit from Cutting Project.

And here are the crew

Director: Woro Utami
Talent: Thressia
MUA: Thressia
Photographer: Vicky Deindra Electra

Currently Watching [KDrama - Descendants Of The Sun]

OHMYGAAAAAAWD! Song Joon-ki is back. He's way hotter than before. Akkkk *nosebleed*. okay, I got this. Now, I can breath.

Okay, so. Soooooo, I was able to catch up with the first 4 eps of DOTS and I was soooooooo freaking like it. Hysterically speaking, I unconsciously squealing everytime Joong-ki Oppa popped out on screen. He's so damn good actor. He's able to deliver such an intense and meaningful gazing. His charisma shines bright more than a diamond. And Song Hye Gyo, she's just pretty as she was. Or maybe I think she's prettier here even though she just came out from the surgery room with her pony tail on.

Okay, now. Back to business. I have to catch up with the rest of episodes in no time. Bye!