When Vicky Meets The Boys

I’ve been raised in a family full of boys. I mean, I’m the only girl in my family besides my mom. I have one older brother, Daniel, and two younger brothers, Ethan and Luca. So, it’s actually easier for me to deal with boys than girls. ;)

At the beginning of December 2011 I met my cousins from Holland. They are Larry and Harrys. They brought their cousin too, Ferry, from Holland. At that time the three of them told me that they were on a long journey. They were travelling in Southeast Asia for like 6 months. Hearing news like that aroused my needs to do the same. Unfortunately, I was busy making reports and portfolio for the students so I just listened to their stories. They’ve been travel to Singapore and Dubai. They are heading to Java and Sumatera Island, then Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Bangkok, Hongkong, and Japan. I envy them so much!

I asked them where they would be at the end of December. They said that they would be in KL before heading to Penang. Woot? I feel like I could join them because I’ll be having school holiday at that time. So, I asked them if I could join them. And they said yes. It's like whooooaaaaa... I am going to KL for Godsake!!

Larry, Harrys, Ferry


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