The Sweetest Things From The Past

Last Saturday nite I went to Cilandak Town Square (CiToS) to see Wall’s event: Pasar Puter DungDung. There, you could find some traditional food and traditional games. By only paying 10k, you got a scoop of Dungdung ice cream with any topping you want, a door-prize chance, and a chance of trying several traditional games such as Karambol, Lempar Kaleng, Ular Tangga, Yoyo, Air Hockey, and Engrang. You could find some traditional food like Kue Lekker, Tahu Gejrot, Kue Cubit, and some more.

I was so excited to see this event that I've asked some of my friends to come with me. Unfortunately, they couldn't come. So, I took the liberty to ask my mom. And there we went. My mom was as well as excited as I was. We were so happy eating ice cream with traditional topping together and having a good talks. Later I know, that the aim of this event is to placard mom-daughter's relationship. They aim has successfully reached on me. :')

Too bad we couldn't taste some traditional food because they had run out the time we got there. So, we just bought some of traditional snacks from my childhood time: Telor Cicak and Permen Rokok. Hihi..


Permen Rokok
Telor Cicak


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