Au Revoir 2011

So, we are facing 2012. The most phenomenal year we've ever talked before. It's just only 4 days in 2012, yet what I've done mostly is just lying on bed, watching TV, and doing nothing. I don't know why I haven't made some resolutions yet for this years. Too tired for having a little trip to KL before, I guess. :p

2011 has been the years for struggling to stay on path, adapting to new situations (mostly work atmosphere), handling special needs children, dealing with family's issues, emerging adulthood, trying new stuffs, having unforgettable journeys, leaving comfort zone, and keeping in touch with friends. It's a year when I learned so many lessons in life. It's a year when I had to make decisions for myself. It's a year when I found new acquaintances. It's a year when I grew up.

You know, life will never be easy and happy all the time. We will face hard times, difficult situations, loneliness attacks, uneasy decisions, and blurry path. Yet, we just have to walk through them in brave. With the problem we face, we have to solve it. We have to find a way back to our goal and purpose in life. We have to follow our passions and open up our minds. We have to stay positive and healthy.

For this year, I'm just trying to:
- stay healthy by eating more vegetables and doing exercise more
- keep positive by thinking and focusing on the good things and all the goals I make
- start doing Ballroom Dancing again
- join Show Choir Club
- continue Jazz Ballet Class
- earn more money and get another side job
- save up more and more
- stop shopping unnecessary things
- pray 5 times a day
- travel around Indonesia
- post something on blog daily (or weekly :p)
- own DSLR Camera
- get promotion at school

I hope we have a great year in 2012. :)



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