Say Hi to KL!

Soooooo... I spontaneously followed my cousins to go to KL on this short Christmas holiday. Yes, I spontaneously arranged my trip to go to KL like 4 days before the departure day. With a 35l deuter backpack, little cash money (around RM500), some clothes, a jeans, a short pant, and half-granted-permission from parents, I went to KL. The meeting point was at KLIA. Why? Simply because they were taking off from Medan and I was taking off from Jakarta. So, it’s kinda easy to meet at one point, which is KLIA. ;)

We stayed at Pondok Lodge which is located in Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang for like 6 days. It is quiet cheap yet nice hostel I’ve ever been stayed in. For Twin Shared Bedroom type, I had only to pay RM25/night. It’s like a dormitory style in which there are twin upstairs beds. Staying there included towels for hire, breakfast every 7-10 am, shared bathroom, a rooftop, and internet access (this I just found out later, haha). As for us the budget traveler, this kind of hostel was beyond our expectation (which is good).

First day in KL was full of walking. We were walking, walking, and walking until we had sore feet. We walked around Bukit Bintang - Pavilion - KLCC - Suria - Twin Towers - KL Tower - Merdeka Square - City Gallery - Petaling Street - China Town - Bukit Bintang. We've planned some places we wanted to visit, but it changed on the way because of some issues. Like when we arrived at Twin Towers and KL Tower, the tickets fee were so expensive (remember us as the budget traveler, eh?). For entering Twin Towers and KL Tower, you had to pay around RM50/person/tower. So, we decided just to take photos around the towers. In Suria KLCC, I wanted to see Petrosains, but then again the ticket fee was as much as the hostel rate for one night. Hahaha.. Yes, we are that 'kere'. :p

We continued our walk to Merdeka Square. On the way there we grabbed some foods at KFC for lunch. After rest a bit, we took another steps to see what's on around Merdeka Square. The brochure of Visit KL says that tourists could see several heritage buildings and museum around Merdeka Square. Do you know that Merdeka means independence? Yes, it is the place when in August 31st 1957, Malaysian gained independence from the British colonial rule. Here, you can find approximately 100m of flag pole, The Sultan Abdul Samad Building, The Royal Selangor Club, and The National History Museum.

Before we ate early dinner at Petaling Streets (Chinatown), we visit KL City Gallery to gain some information about another free places to visit including the best cuisine spot. There we were told that there were three best spot for cuisine to try: Kampung Baru for Nasi Lemak, Little India for Vegetarian Indian Food and Banana Leaf Rice, and Chinatown for Chinese Food. To the Chinatown we went afterwards to try Chinese Food. :)

That's the end of our first day in KL. I'll tell the second day, the third, and so on in another post. :p

a glance from Bukit Bintang Walk

with The Buddy Bears in Pavilion KL

The Twin Towers
with Larry
rest a bit in Merdeka Square

Sizzling Egg Chicken Noodle at Chinatown


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