Elmo, Me, And Our Friends

Yesterday, I went to @America in Pacific Place level 3. I'm meeting my friend from Sahabat Anak Crew. He promised to take me to this place last year, but he just had a free time (so did I) yesterday. So, yeah. :)

We decided to meet there directly since I was going from my house because of this flu and cough I had. Yeah, I kinda ran away from home because you-know-when-you-are-sick-you-are-not-allowed-to-go-outside-so-I-just-made-a-reasonable-reason-to-go-out-which-was-in-fact-for-me-it's-not-reasonable-at-all. Breath deeply. I just made it to go out. Yes, thank you! :p

I am grateful for meeting him and his friends yesterday. I had so much fun, gazillions laughter, and a bunch of funny jokes. There, I just knew some characters from Jalan Sesama (Indonesian Version of Sesame Street in America). It successfully made a sudden childhood memories flashed through my mind. And that, made me happy.

Thanks for bringing me to a new place, making me laugh, and meeting with new friends Satria! We should go to Singkawang (West Kalimantan) when we have free time. ;)

photo courtesy: Satria and Firzie


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