The Love Letters

I just knew that in blog-sphere, there are some bloggers come up with an idea of having a #30DaysWritingLoveLetter starting January 14th 2012 until February 14th 2012. I think this concept is quite interesting. They wanted to arouse all bloggers (in Indonesia) to write more about someone/something special in our life and the reason why that person/thing becomes special in many ways. In the end, there will be a little present for those who have very interesting letters. You can see the rules here.

Some of my friends have already joined this thing. I want to, but seems like it's quite late so I'll just make a love letter weekly to someone/something special in my life and post it in my blog starting this week for like 30 weeks. Hopefully I can commit with what I just said. In case I forget, you all can remind me by posting comment here. *finger-crossed*

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