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The first word came out after I finish this book was WHY?. Why? Yes, why? Why spending my two nights (after-working-hours) reading it, I still don't get it? Why (even I don't get it) I still want to read it again? And why you VALIANT BUDI can make me such in amazed of your twisted writings? Why?

Besides the I-don't-get-it-thing, I loooooooooove how VALIANT BUDI unify words by words and make them into a sentence that awaken my imaginary circumstances. I loooooooooove how he makes them into a perfect paragraph that makes me had a goosebumps, yet still curious about how the story will end. Even though, in the end I still don't get it if Brama, or Aulia, or even Dimas were .. okay STOP! I don't wanna be a spoiler by saying such a thing about this book. I suggest you to read it in no time. To find what's inside this book. Why in some way, I still don't get it. And why I love VALIANT BUDI so muuuuuuuuch!

Happy reading, fellas!

P.S: be careful of what you see or listen. because sometimes what you hear doesn't sound like it sounds. and what you see doesn't look like it does. ;)


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